Siobhan (our tour guide for Hampton Court in 2011), Alison Weir and little old me

Just a quick post to say that I’m back from my 2 week holiday in the UK which was a combination of a family holiday and a Tudor fix for me. Apologies to those of you who have been wondering why you have not received your usual Anne Boleyn Files articles via email and for my lack of commenting here and on the forum but I’m back now!

I had such fun in the UK and highlights of my trip include (apart from seeing my wonderful family and friends!):-

  • Hearing Alison Weir talk at the Mary Rose Museum
  • Going out to dinner with Alison Weir and discussing all things Tudor
  • Meeting Leanda de Lisle and chatting about Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII and Lady Jane Grey
  • Visiting the Tower of London again and meeting up with Paul from our recent Anne Boleyn Experience Tour – great to see you again, Paul!

  • Getting the shivers at Kenilworth Castle as I imagined Elizabeth visiting Robert Dudley there in 1575
  • Visiting the magical ruins of Lady Jane Grey’s family home, Bradgate House, in the beautiful Bradgate Park deer park – idyllic!
  • Looking around the exhibition at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre
  • Going on the London Eye and spotting all of those famous London landmarks
  • Being near Big Ben when he chimed (he “bongs” rather than chimes!) the hour.
  • Returning to Hever and saying “hi” to Anne – I walked the Anne Boleyn walk, watched my children having fun in the water maze and thought of Anne and her family as I got lost in the beautiful gardens. I was tempted to kiss the ground!!
  • Paying my respects to Thomas Boleyn and little Henry Boleyn at St Peter’s Church, Hever.

As you can see, I managed to fit rather a lot into 2 weeks and that’s not counting all of the people we visited! So, I’ve got lots to tell you and so much inspiration for future articles and my book, so watch this space.

Me soaking up the atmosphere at Bradgate House

Please check out my article on Elizabeth I and Kenilworth over at The Elizabeth Files – – and you can get lost in my photos at our Flickr page –

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15 thoughts on “I’m Back!”
  1. Looking forward to your updates. I’ll be visiting London in September from the States and I’m planning my excursions. Your articles will help me decide where to go to get the most of my Tudor experience.

  2. Wow, I hope it was really fun. That is a big TO DO on my list, lol. Did you take any pictures? Good Pictures of poor Anne’s grave are so hard to find, for those of us who are in America and not in London. I wish so badly and dearly that I could have gone, but it will be a while longer before I am able to make such a trip. I hope you had a really good time and I hope to read more of your stories it is good to know that are many more people who love Anne as I do. I Wish dearly that I could have helped her in some way….

  3. Sounds like my dream holiday!!! And ooh, did I read that right? Are you planning a book, Claire?! That would be awesome if you were!

  4. I would love to visit London too someday…That’s really cool that you want to write a book… keep us updated when it will be out.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I think you’re right and that even a t shirt looks a lot better with Tudor jewelry! Claire, you had better get use to writing your name quickly because all of us AB supporters will want an autographed copy of your book (might be a great Mary Rose fundraiser – I know I would pay more for a signed copy). Best of luck with your book, Lisa

  6. Yay on your book! So happy you and your family had a wonderful time. Cannot wait to read your future posts! =)

  7. WOW you met Alison Weir?! This photo is incredible for me, my two most favourite writers Claire AND Alison! Hope we hear more about your book!

    Glad you had a wonderful time, very jealous from here in Aus!

  8. Wow Claire, that sounds amazing – you’ve done more in two weeks than I’ve managed to do since I fell head over heels for the Tudor period and I live in the UK! Looks like you had a fantastic time. I must get myself over to Hever and the Tower when finances allow…

  9. You must visit the Museum of London too – it gives such an image of all that was lost when Henry destroyed the monasteries, and all the pomp of the gold and the street badges that it is well worth going to, just for that. I went on Saturday, and the museum had been undergoing heavy restoration for two years, and it was so worth it! It’s an experience now, and it’s free (donations are appreciated though)!

  10. Sounds like you had the Tudor “dream vacation” Claire! Since I don’t think I’ll ever see these Tudor history spots in the near future (don’t I wish!) it’s so good of you to share your experiences from this trip! I am so jealous-but want to hear everything you have to say about it! Please write more about meeting Alison Weir (one of my favorite Tudor authors) and what she had to say.


  11. HI Claire,
    What an amazing trip this must have been…I mean to actually be in the same places that people like Elizabeth, Lady Jane Grey and Anne Bolelyn etc once stood. To actually lay your eyes on the same wall, fireplace, window etc that they once laid their eyes on. It has to be a thrilling feeling.

    Thank you for sharing your pics with those of us who haven’t managed to get there and see for ourselves. ONE DAY!!

    Your website is wonderful!

    Take Care Claire,
    Julie B.

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