Claire’s photos from The Anne Boleyn Experience 2018

Posted By on July 23, 2018

I finally got a few minutes to myself to go through my photos from this year’s Anne Boleyn Experience Tour and thought that I’d share them here for you to enjoy.

Philippa and I are running the Anne Boleyn Experience again in May 2019 (yay!) and if you want to join us then you can find out more and reserve your place at

If I had to narrow it down and pick my top two favourite things about this tour (I have so many favourite things!), I’d have to say:

  1. Staying at Hever Castle – So many ‘pinch me’ moments for an Anne Boleyn fan like me!
  2. ‘Talking Tudor’ to people who are just as obsessed with Tudor history as I am. To actually see their eyes light up with excitement rather than glaze over with boredom is a beautiful thing.

I hope you enjoy these photos!

Day 1 – Off to Hever Castle

Day 2 – Hever Castle exterior and the gardens

St Peter’s Church, Hever

Talk from Bess Chilver on Tudor Costume

Private evening tour of Hever Castle<

Hampton Court Palace


If you want to join us on next year’s Anne Boleyn Experience Tour then go to and reserve your place now.

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