Happy Easter – Christ is Risen, Hallelujah!

Apr24,2011 #Easter
Our Easter Tree

Happy Easter to you all! Today people all over the world are celebrating the resurrection of Christ with special services, processions and the giving of Easter eggs, symbols of new life and of the resurrection.

In Tudor times, on Easter Sunday, the candles in the church and around the sepulchre would be put out and then the church candles would be re-lit by the priest from a fire. The sepulchre, which had been prepared and sealed on Good Friday, would be opened and the resurrection of Jesus Christ celebrated with a special mass and communion using the consecrated host from the sepulchre.

Easter Sunday was also the end of Lent, the period of fasting where people had denied themselves food like dairy products and meat, and so was celebrated with good food, including roasted meat or poultry.

You may be wondering what is in the photo accompanying this post, well it is our village Easter “tree”. This pine tree is ‘built’ on Easter Saturday by the youths of our village who use a trunk as the base and then tie branches to it and stuff it with fireworks (yes, health and safety go out of the window). It is then lit later today as a celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

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10 thoughts on “Happy Easter – Christ is Risen, Hallelujah!”
  1. Nice to know there’s somewhere you can enjoy an occasion without Health and Safety getting in the way, happy Easter Claire, have a good day.

  2. Happy Easter to all my fellow Tudor friends! I just hope ou all are having a more beautiful one than we are here in my hometown (where we’ve had rain and storms and flooding for pretty much the last 3 weeks). Oh and I love that Easter tree! Hope it goes off well!

  3. Looks a little too close to those buildings for my comfort LOL! When you grow up in an area that is really more desert like, the word “firecrackers” has always scared me. Every year someone buys illegal ones and someone is always getting hurt or starting a brushfire, One year when I was young they had to cancel a fourth of July even because of the danger of fires.

  4. A belated Happy Easter to all! What an unusual Easter custom, that fireworks-in-the-trees thing. Interesting! I could have gone to a sunrise service on the beach but decided to wait until the 11 oclock service. The music was lovely–my dad, who is 86, conducted the choir for 2 anthems–he is professor emeritus in music. I am so proud of him, still doing what he loves at that age–I hope i can do the same! I think that is part of the abundant life we hear of.

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