George Boleyn – His Education, Career and Relationship with Henry VIII

Part 4 of our video series on George Boleyn is George’s education, career and relationship with Henry VIII.

People have been asking me how Clare and I chose the topics to talk about, well, they were based on questions left here on The Anne Boleyn Files a couple of weeks ago – see George Boleyn Q&A.

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3 thoughts on “George Boleyn – His Education, Career and Relationship with Henry VIII”
  1. Thanks for answering these questions. As you say his career gets overlooked for the more salacious things that history and fiction has tarred George with. Looking forward to the book

  2. You mention that Henry VIII sent him to address Convocation; that shows that he was elequent and that the King trusted him and had confidence in his abilities. What did he go to talk to them about? Was it the theological arguments about the divorce?

    1. George was sent to convince Convocation of the scriptural case for the royal supremacy and he delivered several tracts to them. They didn’t want to recognise Henry as head of the Church at first but they agreed to the limitation clause “as far as the law of Christ allows”.

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