This week’s #FridayFun is a quiz testing your knowledge of Anne Boleyn fiction.

How much do you know about the novels written about Anne Boleyn and their authors?

Test yourself with this week’s fun quiz. Good luck!


#1. Which author, whose real name was Eleanor Alice Hibbert (née Burford), wrote the novel "The Lady in the Tower" about Anne Boleyn?

#2. This Philippa Gregory novel about Anne Boleyn and her sister, Mary, was adapted as a film and for TV.

#3. Who wrote "A Lady Raised High: A Novel of Anne Boleyn"?

#4. What's different about Nell Gavin's novel "Threads"?

#5. Who is the main storyteller in Wendy J Dunn's Anne Boleyn novel "Dear Heart, How Like You This?"?

#6. Who is the author of the Anne Boleyn novels "The Falcon's Rise" and "The Falcon's Flight"?

#7. In "The Boleyn King" trilogy, Lauren Andersen reimagines history answering this "what if?" question.

#8. "The Kiss of the ............" is an Anne Boleyn novel by Judith Arnopp.

#9. "The Queen of .............." is an Anne Boleyn novel by Suzannah Dunn.

#10. Who wrote the Anne Boleyn novel "Brief Gaudy Hour"?


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4 thoughts on “#FridayFun – Anne Boleyn in Fiction”
  1. Got 7/10 not bad, I’m not that keen on fiction books about Anne, the first novel I ever read about her was Plaidy’s Murder Most Royal, I then attempted to read Brief Gaudy Hour but couldn’t finish it, then I read The Concubine my all time fave, must add Dunn’s The Queen Of Subtleties is a scream !

      1. It’s Anne telling her own story through a modern viewpoint, it also has a comical element , in the book she refers to Katherine of Aragon as fat Cath and George her brother or Wyatt is telling her to f…. off! Her father Thomas Boleyn is dad and of course his wife is mum, it’s like reading a modern novel, She tells the story and it’s somewhat entwined with that of Henry V111’s confectioner telling her side, there are records that show the king did have a woman who worked in the kitchens, and made wonderful sculptured designs with marzipan and sugar, possibly meringue, so she tells her story to, it’s a very refreshing take on Anne’s story, you should enjoy it.

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