Conor Byrne’s Katherine Howard Blog Tour and Giveaways

Conor Byrne book tourJust to let you know that Conor Byrne, author of Katherine Howard: A New History, is doing a virtual book tour next week and stopping at five different blogs to share guest articles and interviews. Here is the schedule:

  • Monday 27th October – Here at The Anne Boleyn Files – Guest article on Katherine the Royal Stepmother
  • Tuesday 28th October – – Olga interviews Conor.
  • Wednesday 29th October – Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History – Conor shares a guest article on Katherine and her family on Sarah’s blog.
  • Thursday 30th October – – Beth von Staats interviews Conor.
  • Friday 31st October – On the Tudor Trail – Conor shares a guest article on Katherine’s relationships at Natalie’s blog.

There will be a book giveaway at each stop so 5 chances to win a copy of Katherine Howard: A New History.

Conor is really excited about this tour so I do hope you’ll join him at each stop.

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9 thoughts on “Conor Byrne’s Katherine Howard Blog Tour and Giveaways”
  1. I am supposed to be related to a lady in waiting of Katherine Howard on my father’s ( Tilney) side.

  2. I am fascinated by the Tudor reign and would love to read about Catherine Howard in more detail. I am an Anthropology student and one of my cultural passions is to learn all I can about the 15-16th centuries. I am looking forward to reading your work Conor!

  3. First I would like to say that I am a huge reader for the Tudor era. English Kings, Queens, war and historical events. The Tudor history has always fascinated and intrigued me. As far as Katherine Howard’s history, I only know a little about her and have been researching her a little at a time. This book that you have published Conor will give me the insight into Katherine’s reign, although short, and the true motives of the men behind Katherine. I look forward to reading your work and wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

  4. Never really cared for Katherine Howard but would still like to read about her maybe to get to know her I would change my mind So will look forward to reading your book Conor so it’s now on my Christmas list So all the best for the future

  5. Would love to win a copy of this book. Not read much about Katherine Howard. She does seem to have been the cause of her own downfall though.

  6. After reading Mr. Byrne’s article about Katherine Howard, I realised how my next novel shall sound like. I should start writing.

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