Claire’s very best memories of the Anne Boleyn Experience

Posted By on October 10, 2018

Me talking at Hever

Tim asked me what my very best memories of the Anne Boleyn Experience tour are, so I had a think and then made this video. As you can see, I have rather a lot of ‘very best memories’ from the tours I’ve led with Tim and the tour I led with Philippa this year, and that was cutting them down!

I hope you enjoy my reminiscences, I certainly enjoyed reliving them in my head. Life is all about making memories with your family, friends and like-minded people, isn’t it? And I’ve been blessed to have such happy (and tudor-themed!) times.

If you want to join me, Philippa and a group of Tudor history lovers on next year’s tour, you can find out more and reserve your place right now at I hope to meet you one day soon!

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