Claire’s Anne Boleyn Tattoo

Jul4,2019 #Anne Boleyn tattoo

Many eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that I have some “ink” on my left arm and I have been receiving lots of comments, emails and messages asking me to explain what it is and whether it has anything to do with my interest in Tudor history or Anne Boleyn.

The answer is “yes”!

It is an Anne Boleyn-themed tattoo and I explain all in this video.

By the way, my mum is not best pleased! I keep telling her that she was lucky that I was such a boring teenager and that I’m only rebelling now! She also hates all my piercings!

By the way, if you have a Tudor tattoo then please do comment and tell me all about it!

If you missed the video of me actually holding Anne Boleyn’s book of hours at Hever castle, here it is:

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12 thoughts on “Claire’s Anne Boleyn Tattoo”
  1. I must admit I didn’t notice it until I read someone else’s comment about it on YouTube. I felt it was rude to ask and figured you would share when/if you felt like it. I love your choice. The artist did a wonderful job. I can’t imagine anything harder than trying to duplicate something as personal as someone’s signature on skin, let alone in French. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I noticed Claire and it’s very well done and elegant, I havnt any Anne Boleyn related tattoos but I think it might be nice to have a falcon one done.

  3. Claire do you know what the odd little sketch is Anne drafted in her book of hours, it looks like a tree? Thankyou.

        1. I honestly think it’s an armillary sphere. The astrolabes i’ve seen didn’t have pedestals. Would really like to know for sure……….

  4. I wouldn’t have a tattoo because I am afraid it would hurt but I do actually like them. I am not keen on some designs but I love the art which goes into them and of course you must always be careful the parlour is licensed, clean and sterile. Never tattoo your mates, especially if you are drunk. I love this one, the writing is very fine almost as if it was done hundreds of years ago.

    If people could have a tattoo, what would you have and why? I would have a couple a butterflies, simply because I love them and a little European Cup full of colour and butterflies and rainbows and flowers. I would also have a white boar on one arm and rose on the other arm. I would also have a Phoenix and Falcon and eternal flame on my back. However, I don’t think the needle would actually touch my skin before I would run away.

    Lovely way to commemorate Anne.

  5. I love your tattoo and i wIt for the day to cross the pond and tour with you. Your huge fan, Katie

  6. Hello Claire,
    This is a beautiful tattoo you have. I do not like tattoo, but I like yours. Where did you find one there was so clear? In the book you cant nearly see what is written.
    Do you got the tattoo in London?
    Best regards

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