Tudor freebies for you!

Yes, you read that right, I have a series of Tudor freebies for you! It’s to celebrate the relaunch of the TudorSociety and its 5th birthday. I just want to thank everyone for the continuing support I get with my Tudor history projects – thank you!

To get your Tudor freebies – and there are more Tudor treats to come, I promise! – you just need to click here.

It’s as easy as that.

There’s a video (22 minutes) and ebook (412 pages) for you to enjoy today, and more to come in the next 10 days. Lots of ways for you to get your Tudor history fix!

Remember, all you have to do is click here.

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31 thoughts on “Tudor freebies for you!”
  1. Hi Claire. Thank you very much for the goodies. I watched the video. A lot of fun facts. Some of those I knew but the majority I didn’t. I was most surprised by the Tudor law that is still on the books regarding chancel repair. Here in the US there are still some communities with a small charge on their phone bills (land lines) to help pay for the Spanish American War. That was in 1898!
    I purchased your book Tudor Places in Great Britain a few years ago but I do welcome the free e-version.

  2. Yes I would like to add my thanks too it was very interesting, there were some facts I was not aware of also, the composition by Henry V111 that was popular in Europe, I can imagine after his separation from Katherine of Aragon and his quest for the divorce many copies found themselves gathering dust on many a bookshelf, I was also surprised over the amount of musical instruments he owed, the law Edward V1 passed so people had to walk to church on Christmas Day how odd! I have read about Elizabeth 1st have rotten blackened teeth in her old age, but then dentistry was not an art in Tudor times and she is said to have loved eating sugary meringues, I can well understand her fear of tooth extraction it was a job that the blacksmith undertoon there were no injections to numb the area and it must have been very painful, however anyone who has ever suffered from sleepless nights due to toothache will know the misery it brings, and so she obviously steeled herself to undergo the procedure, she probably had a few glasses of wine and dug her nails in her poor unfortunate ladies in waiting, today after tooth extraction the bleeding is suppressed by a swab and one is advised not to eat or drink for several hours, the wound does clear up but one is advised to contact the dentist if it looks like the healing process is taking longer than usual, the mention of some ancient laws still in use today is interesting, and some time back there was mention of a law passed by Henry V111 that was used in the Brexit negotiations, I have always found the medieval law regarding the sheep walking over London Bridge so quaint, and to see flocks of them in today’s age holding the traffic up takes one right back to early times before steel buildings dominated the London skyline, and the city was surrounded by graceful Tudor buildings and green fields, some English laws are strange and the law itself is so vast it is not completely known by those who practice it, very interesting video Claire well done and I am looking forward to seeing my Tudor goodies arrive in my inbox.

    1. I really hate going to the dentist (bad experience as a child) so I can completely empathise with Elizabeth, particularly as there wasn’t much in the way of pain relief back then. And poor Bishop Aylmer!

      1. Yes you only need to have one bad experience to put you off for life, my childhood dentist was dreadful, he had bad breath and was forever referring his patients up to the dental hospital in Bethnal Green, I had a tooth growing out my gum and he never even noticed we doubted if he was qualified at all, just a chancer? The dentist I saw in the hospital said they saw a lot of his patients he had no people skills and it’s a wonder he had any patients, this guy I worked with when I was older told me how his dad took him and his little sister to see him and his sister saw him first, being frightened she started to cry and he slapped her across the face, I could not believe it talk about unprofessional behaviour, she ran out crying to her dad and he went in and gave him a black eye hee hee! He should have been struck of but he was able to carry on and retired to the Bahamas, where he’s now living the life of Riley and left behind a lot of ex patients suffering the results of his bad dental practice, he couldn’t treat my fathers tooth although another dentist could, he really was the dentist from hell! I forgot about Edward and the falcon incident the poor little bird, he was trying to assert his authority but he was still just a child, albeit the king and his council let him no they were really the ones in charge, he must have been so angry, but to take it out on one of his prized falcons a dumb animal shows a somewhat sinister streak of cruelty, I have always felt sympathy for poor Edward dying as he did so young and in a lot of pain, but I cannot abide animal cruelty as there is no excuse for it whatsoever.

  3. Thanks ever so much for your lovely free stuff, have got the book, but great to have the e book. The pictures are lovely and some valuable information. The facts are interesting, especially the one about Edward and his falcon. Naughty boy!

    Happy 5th Birthday. Liverpool Celebrated being 812 yesterday! The city that is, not the club.

    Thanks again.

  4. Congratulations wonderful special Claire.
    Thank you very much for your fantastic Tudor goodies. What a treat for us all.
    Celebrate your achievement and what an achievement it is. You bring the Tudor world to life with your immense knowledge and enthusiasm.
    Here’s to many more years of the Tudor Society.
    Well done.
    Best wishes to Tim.
    Warmest regards,

  5. I just love hearing about the Tudors Claire! I have a lot of admiration for you in what you have done and are doing. Just to see your friendly face and hear your marvelous, interesting Tudor stories gives me something to look forward to each day!

  6. Getting ready to leave for the UK on Sunday – Sept.1 — will be doing a Tudor History Tour for 10 days. Your book came at exactly the right time!! Thanks.
    Just finished Allison Weir’s book The King’s Obsession and the very last chapter with the description of what it may have been like for Anne at the moment she was decapitated was chilling and I have read it several times. I know it will add to my experience at the Tower. That poor woman!!!

      1. Hampton Court, Sudeley, Hever Castle & Penshurst Peterborough Cathedral, Buckden Towers & Kimbolton,, The Vyne House, Syon House, Cambridge,, Windsor Castle, Lewes & Michelham Priory, and of course the Tower. I have also added a day trip to Stonehenge at the end of the tour.

  7. Thanks so much for the free goodies. I am now obsessed with the Tudors after finding out Margaret Tudor is my 15th great-grandmother and Henry the 8th is my 16th great-uncle. when people laugh but he chopped off his wives heads I said well every family’s got to have that crazy great-uncle. Seriously though I’m obsessed and I’m also a descendant of the Scottish side to Stewart/Stuart and a direct descendant of the plantagenet so I am seriously obsessed. my husband is a UK expat and I tease him all the time. Is seriously Ashley blowing my mind and it saddens me that this news comes several years after my mother passed away. It’s on her side and she would have just delighted in this information. So again thank you and I relished chenal I learn about my ancestry and hey I get to look at pictures cuz they all have portraits 🙂

  8. Always fascinating reading on this family. My grandfather was james edward desmond, named for his ancestor james desmond of the desmond rebellions. As fitzgeralds ( geraldines) the tewdyr family were cousins, through marriage of rhys- nest tewdyr. That makes queen elizabeth, mary queen of scots, and henry himself as distant cousins. The geraldines came over with william the conqueror originally, then became royal constables. It was a fitzgerald that saved strongbows invasion of ireland by stampeding the cattle towards the irish lines. Ironic how things ended for the desmond earldom. That family history may be worth a look as well. Thank you for your work!

  9. For anyone interested Heather Teysko has posted on her website Englandcast.com an article titled The Life and Paintings of Lucas de Here. Wonderful illustrations he did of people in clothing of the time and also the first known sketch of Stonehenge. Many more stones standing then. It’s posted under today’s date of August 29.

  10. Claire, Pat here, Thank you again for the coloring books that I was able to purchase from you. I have really enjoyed them and how pretty they look after being done. I would urge all those who enjoy your web site to purchase these at your locat look store and order them as I did. They are so fun. And thank you also Claire for all the information you are always posting on your site. I have truly enjoyed the information. My DNA says I am 80 percent English and have several GATEWAY ancestors that goes right into the English Royals. I have published a book called Colonial Americans of Royal and Noble Descent that sources all the many ancestors of Americans who came over and settled on the Eastern Shores of the United States. Who would have ever thought this is what I do in my spare time. That,s a laugh. Think I know what you do in your spare time. You have so much knowledge and post so much information that it hard to keep up with you. But thank you again for this very fun and interesting Web Site.

  11. Thank you so so much for the free goodies Claire I so appreciate it. Oh how I look forward to seeing emails from you. Iv always loved the Tudors and I tell everyone I was born in the wrong time. Can I ask to what you think of Hayley Nolan’s Ann Boleyn 500 years of lies book which is coming out. Will you be reading it? I wanna read it then ask you if it’s all true.
    Stay safe Claire.

  12. Hi Claire. Another thank you. This time for the free images you gave with your questionnaire. I usually try to nab them from the newsletter you send out every week. I save them and use them as wallpaper on my phone. Of all of those images I had only seen the one of Edward previously. Thanks for adding to my cache.

  13. Loved the Tudor trivia!!! I knew some of them but you still surprised me on quite a few! Thank you for the book, Tudor Places of Great Britain. Looking forward to reading it this weekend. Hope all is well with you. See you next September for sure!!!!

  14. Thank you so much for the goodies, Claire. That was very nice of you. Sounds like we’ve all had our bad experiences with the dentist, and as someone else said, it tends to affect you in the negative. I had a childhood family dentist who had NO social skills. I still remember him getting impatient because I was scared of having a baby tooth pulled. My grandmother was going to leave with me when he said “Let me take one more look. I might be able to wiggle it a bit and it’ll come right out.” I sat back in the chair, he leaned over me…and the next thing I knew, I was bleeding and screaming because he used the “pliers” to yank the tooth out. My grandmother started shouting; the dentist laughed. Today I’d called it surreal. I was so traumatized by that, it was years before I returned to a dentist and then as an adult. I found a firm who advertised “we cater to cowards” because they knew many of us had suffered thru bad experiences as children. Thanks to finding wonderful dentists and hygienists, I have a great set of teeth; I go twice a year for the basics; the only major deals I’ve had in 20+ years has been the extracting of my wisdom teeth and a couple of fillings due to the wisdom teeth infecting my good teeth. Dentistry has blessedly changed, so I feel for anyone having gone thru this in Tudor Times.

    1. Sounded like the dentist I had, now that makes me think of that musical ‘ little shop of horrors’ fantastic movie where Steve Martin played the role of the sadistic dentist that film was so funny.

  15. Thank you so much for the video and e-book….I so enjoyed the Tudor facts…many of which were familiar to me, thanks to YOUR books and lectures! However, I enjoyed several surprises as well.
    Congratulations on five years- wishing you many more!

  16. Hello Claire, I was excited to see the Tudor facts, especially when I saw the reference to Francis Dereham – he is my ancestor (on my Mother’s side). My Mom’s family likes to look into the family history and genealogy. I was wondering if there are any books you would recommend that might have reference to the Derehams, or more of the Catherine Howard events? Or if there was anyone you knew who I could possibly contact to ask more about the Derehams during the Tudor time period? Thank you!

  17. really enjoy your presentations. I have written a series of poems regarding most of the Tudors and their associates. if interested…I would be happy to send them to you. thank you.

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