Calling all photographers! We need you!

Here at The Anne Boleyn Files we are running a competition for a calendar which we will be producing later in the year for 2012. The calendar will feature 12 photos of Tudor places, one for each month, and although we could use our own photos we thought it would be fun to get you involved.

Fancy seeing your photo published on a calendar? Read on…

Here are the details:-

Calendar Competition Rules and Information

  • The subject of your photo must be of a real Tudor place and you will need to give its name – It can be a building which was built earlier than Tudor times, e.g. Kenilworth Castle, Tower of London, as long as it has links to Tudor history.
  • You can submit up to 5 photos
  • Photos can be in colour or black and white
  • Photos should be of the place only and should not contain people
  • The competition is open to amateur and professional photographers
  • By entering the competition you are giving The Anne Boleyn Files permission to publish your photo in the calendar and on its website
  • The photo(s) must be your own work and belong solely to you
  • We cannot accept photos that have been entered into any other competition or published elsewhere
  • A panel of judges will pick 12 photos to feature in the calendar and one overall winner whose photo will be published on the calendar cover
  • Closing date is 15th April 2011


12 winning photos will be picked for publication in the calendar and each photographer’s name will appear on the calendar. An overall winner will be picked and will win a $40 gift certificate or a £25 gift certificate (or equivalent for your country’s Amazon page) on top of having their photo published on the front cover.

Sorry … entries closed for this year!

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39 thoughts on “Calendar Competition 2011”
  1. I can’t photograph any of thw Tudor places, as I live in Greece, but I am soooo looking forward to this calendar! I will definately buy it! Congratulations for the great idea!

  2. Pity I haven’t seen any places live. )-:

    The only place I’d know – and the Tudor relation here is far far far- would be Kilkenny Castle in Ireland -which was owned by the Butler Family, who were relatives to the Boleyns and into which Anne almost married…
    I guess that’s a bit too complicated…

    “Lady Margret Butler was born in Kilkenny Castle. She married Sir William Boleyn and was the paternal grandmother of Anne Boleyn…” (Wikipedia)

    1. Calm down, Riah. No need to damn the U.S. of A. I wish that I could participate as well, but we’ll have to be satified with buying the calendar.

      Claire, will you have a Boleyn/Tudor calendar every year? I know I would buy it and I am sure you would have other takers as well.

    1. Yes, entrants will retain the copyright of the photographs that they submit to the competition but by entering it they are granting The Anne Boleyn Files the right to publish and display the photos on the calendar and our website.

  3. What a great contest! My brain’s already going a zillion miles an hour! Here’s hoping I can enter and I’m putting it on my “Things To Do Calendar”! Thanks Claire and even if I don’t enter (or win) I’ll be very interested in getting a calendar.

  4. Hi Claire, Thank you for that great idea! It gives us a way to contribute to the success of your site. I see it as a way to thank you for the great work you do. I have started uploading pictures but for some reason, the last 2 cannot go through. I get a validation error. All the information was entered in the fields, the picture was selected. Thank you

  5. This would be a wonderful idea, I hope that it goes ahead as the only historical calendars I have ever seen, well that I have ever found have only been either at the V&A or at the Museum Selection and they are more medieval than actual Tudor, I know they did an actual Tudors calendar which was sold on Amazon but apart from that, that is all. I mean it would nice to see a King Henry VIII and his Six Wives one or one to do with his children or people/places at the time. 🙂

  6. I hope Agecroft Hall makes it in the calander. To anyone who’s never heard of it, it’s this beautiful Tudor manor that was bought by an American in the 1920s, dismantled, and rebuilt over here in Richmond, VA. The beautiful gardens were modeled after Hampton Palace’s gardens. It’s a little piece of Tudor history right in my own backyard. If you’re in America and have a love for anything Tudor like I do, you should come check it out. You won’t be disappointed. For Halloween every year, they ask me to dress in my Anne Boleyn costume and talk to guests about Tudor times.

  7. Oh no! This is going to be really hard! And I have LOADS of Tudor properties round where I live! Please answer a couple of my questions:

    1) Several of the Tudor properties are not even open to the public until after your submission date, so what can I do here?

    2) Most of such heritage sites are very popular and crawling with visitors, I can tell you right now that it will be impossible to get a shot of them without people in the picture. So what do you suggest I do here?

    1. Hi Beth,
      In answer to your questions:-
      1) There’s nothing we can do about the deadline I’m afraid because we need time to judge the photos, put the calendar together and get it printed so that it can go on sale late summer/early autumn. Perhaps you could look through photos you already have or take ones from outside of the property??
      2) People from a distance are ok but if people are recognisable in your photo then it gets into a whole legal minefield with having to ask people’s permission to be published.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks Claire. I live really near some great sites, but they are immensely popular with the public and it would be impossible to photograph them deserted! I’ll try to get something in before the submission date.

  8. I think that you just answered my question, but I just want to make sure. When I was in England last May for the Anne Boleyn Experience 2010, I went to a church service at the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula in the Tower the following Sunday and, since they were having a special church service that day I was able to get some good pictures of the Yeoman Warders dressed in their red Tudor dress uniforms escorting the Resident Governor to the chapel from the Queen’s House, and some of the warders from behind walking towards the chapel. Would these be banned because of the “no persons” clause? Thanks.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      What we don’t want is complaints from people that they have appeared in a publication without their permission, so I don’t think we can have any close-up shots front or back. You could enter it and then we’ll see what we think.

  9. Are there restrictions on how Tudor-related the place is?
    I’ve got a few photos from last summer of various EH sites, many of which were abbeys or priories demolished by Henry but without any other link. Would they be okay?
    And another question, do the pictures have to be landscape? I know it sound ridiculous, but just to be sure… Thanks.

  10. I’m getting lots of errors while trying to upload. I’m submitting all the right criteria, but keep getting this message: “alidation errors occurred. Please confirm the fields and submit it again.”

    Any guesses?

  11. Hi. What format do the photographs have to be in as ive tried sending some in BMP format and they are rejected?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Oh, I almost forgot to ask! What if parts of the Tudor house have been built over with later additions and styles?!

  13. What a great idea!

    I’m going to submit some lower-res images as the hi-res ones are HUGE and will probably not upload very quickly. Will you take this into account when judging?


  14. We have now closed entries to the photo competition, and will be judging them over the coming week… with over 150 photos entered, this is going to be a very involved task … but we’re looking forward to it!

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