An Audience with Michael Hirst of The Tudors Fame

Just a quickie post to alert those of you in the UK about a special event at the Mary Rose museum – an evening with Michael Hirst, the creator and writer of “The Tudors” series. Here are the details:-

An Audience with Michael Hirst

24th March
Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth, UK

“Michael Hirst, the creator and writer of “The Tudors”, will be talking about the series, the costumes and answering questions. Tickets will be priced at £10 with proceeds going to the Mary Rose 500 Appeal, and include access to the Mary Rose Museum and the costumes exhibition.”

To book, or for more information, call Fiona on 023 92 750 521 or email

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4 thoughts on “An Audience with Michael Hirst of The Tudors Fame”
  1. I so wish i could go. That’d be cool if it was recorded or something. If only I had a personal Genie…

  2. Michael Hirst is coming to give a talk at Hampton Court Palace on Thursday 31st March. I have a ticket for that and I am realling looking forward to the evening.

  3. Recently I saw the first pilot episode of camelot the new series of michael who has the premiere on April 1 and his another series the borgias has the premiere on April 3 , in my opinion camelot its so good but I have high expectations about the borgias too. so Michael Hirst thank you for entretain ourselves with so good series.

  4. hi there after watching the great program the tudors it be really great if you could make another after henry’s death it was a brill program and you should be proud write and producing a great series thank you again

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