Anne Boleyn French Hood Now Available

Anne Boleyn French Hood
Anne Boleyn French Hood

Good news for those of you who have been looking for a quality replica Anne Boleyn French Hood – we now sell one! What’s more is that it is an accurate replica of the one worn by Anne Boleyn in the famous National Portrait Gallery portrait. See our French Hoods page.

It is believed that Anne Boleyn set the trend for wearing French Hoods in the English Court, rather than the English style gable hood, when she returned to England from her time at the French Court. Its rounded shape was very different to the angular English gable hood which was favoured by Catherine of Aragon and Jane Seymour.

The French Hood that we offer here at The Anne Boleyn Files is handmade by Kris in the USA and is made from a sturdy base covered with lush black velvet. Cream or white 8mm imported Czech glass pearls are handsewn along the top and bottom edges and lovely gold box lace decorates the bottom edge. Black elegance, rather than velvet which can be rather heavy and hot, is used for the veil and Kris has added ties which tie at the back under the hairline as these tend to be more comfortable than ones that tie under the chin.

Each French Hood is hand crafted for each customer and you will be able to choose whether you want cream or white Czech glass pearls. Your French Hood will be made and shipped in around 4-6 days from date of order.

We will be offering more French Hoods soon so please keep checking back.

Don’t you think that Anne Boleyn had much more style than Jane Seymour?!!

Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour

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12 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn French Hood Now Available”
  1. A very stylish woman, no doubt about it. Btw, is it true that court ladies would wear the gable or the French hood to show whose side they were on (Catherine’s or Anne’s) during the divorce proceedings? I read that somewhere.

  2. I think I read that somewhere too, Matterhorn. I can imagine it being true as it would be a very obvious way of showing whose side you were on without openly saying anything – a bit like the whole Team Jennifer/Aston and Team Angelina/Jolie t-shirts!

  3. Nice hood indeed.

    Unfortunately, the idea one side or the other wore a hood to show “which side one was on” is a bit of a myth. The Queen would have decreed what her ladies would wear and they would not have risked ignoring those “rules”.

    Its rather like the idea that Anne Boleyn brought in the French hood to the English Court. A version of the French hood had been seen since the just before the turn of the century. The English hood (never termed the gable in the period) was peculiarly English but I have seen elements of it in late 15th century headwear.

    Jane preferred the English hood for her court ladies (its recorded in the Lisle Letters) when she became Queen but probably not because the French style had originally been worn by her predecessor. More likely she just personally preferred the style. After all, Katherine of Aragon was seen in a French hood as was the two royal sisters to the King. Anne Boleyn herself was painted wearing an English hood.

    Still, Anne Boleyn was said to have been very stylishly dressed and well thought of. Even Chapuys doesn’t have anything to nasty to say about her mode of dressing, whereas poor Jane is rather dismissed in contemporary accounts as being plain. Probably why she has to wear that particular red gown in her portrait.

  4. The French hood is much more flattering!

    My poll on which wife you would save from having to marry Henry has now closed. I have to report that Anne didn’t win – Katherine of Aragon did – but Anne took second place and they were neck and neck (so to speak) at one point. Full results and analysis here:

    Thanks to everyone who came over from the Anne Boleyn Files to vote!

    1. Wouldn’t you be sad and lack confidence if you’d been married almost 20 years and your husband threw you over for another woman?

  5. I agree with Carla. The French hood is definitely more stylish and flattering. I would love to be able to wear one when I’m having a bad hair day!

    1. You can buy a pattern for this

      (Patterns Of Times)

      It’s not too hard to make yourself, I have done three already. They look stunning


  6. Lovely! And would suit any age group, I should think. Could probably wear it with something black and slinky to a party. Quite a feature – and I know of at least one man who says he finds them quite attractive!

  7. If you go to Patterns of Time, you will see that their are two patterns for the French hodds

    They are a bit fiddly to make, but they look just fantastic

    Well worth the effort

    Carol x

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