Today we are launching the second dress in our exclusive The Tudors dress range – the Anne Boleyn Execution Dress!

This dress came second in our Anne Boleyn Dress poll a few weeks ago and is a handmade replica of the one Natalie Dormer wore as Anne Boleyn in Season Two of The Tudors, in the scene where Anne is executed by the French Swordsman.

I think you’ll agree that Kris has done a fabulous job in designing it and finding the right material, and she’s even made a matching cloth cap so you can look exactly like Natalie Dormer!

Like the Pembroke Dress we launched a few weeks ago, this dress will be custom-made to your own measurements and this dress features:-

  • Elegant Steel Gray Dupioni Satin
  • Pretty Satin Brocade
  • Velvet Trimmed sleeves
  • Lavender satin undersleeves
  • Hand Pearled trim round around the neck and shoulders – 10 mm white Czech Glass Pearls
  • Boning throughout the bodice to give you that Tudor look
  • An elastic waist with toggle so you can let it out if you just happen to have a meal fit for a Queen
  • Silver Toned Corset Grade Grommets
  • Back lacing
  • White Cotton Execution Cap – Can be tied at the back or front or can be worn without tying if preferred

The bottom of the skirt has been serged and is ready for you to hem when you decide what shoes you want to wear with the dress. You can order it now at our Anne Boleyn Dresses page.

See slideshow below for front and back views:-

[slideshow id=201 w=450 h=325]

Matching Items

Daniela has made replicas of the jewellery Natalie Dormer wears along with this dress in the execution scene and you can buy it as the Pearl Tassel Set. It consists of the Anne Boleyn Pearl Tassel Necklace and the Anne Boleyn White Pearl Drop Earrings.

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31 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Execution Dress Launched”
  1. I’d love to wear mine to the Tower on May 19 (Anne Boleyn Day) and give the other visitors something to think about. I’ll bet alot of the tourists don’t realize what day it is.

  2. Wow, it’s so beautiful! I loved this dress since I first saw it on the show. And now I could get it if I only had the money to afford it…
    Anyway, I love it!

  3. That dress would look nice on me but where would I wear it?Also I was on tour at the tower.When I looked out one of the window.People outside stasrted pointing at me. according to my mother I’m a ancester of mine was a distant cousin of Anne boelyn.And some friends say I look like her.

  4. On a second look the sleeves appear to big.Look at thesleeves in the seies then look at the replica.Totaly different.The cuffs are not long enough an where meant to flatter a woman’s upper hips.The costume one is to rounded.Remember it was a little ice age .Women wold tuck thier arms in the sleeves for warmth.

  5. Thanks, guys, Kris will be so pleased that you all like it.

    Xena, I have to disagree with your comment. The lavender undersleeves look to me exactly the same length as those on Natalie’s dress and the velvet trimmed outer sleeve looks the same size as Natalie’s too.
    Also the bodice is boned and laces at the back to have it as tight as you like and so that would accentuate the hips and give the Tudor look and shape. I think it’s gorgeous ad I think Kris does wonders.

  6. Kris here! Thanks for all the positive feedback! This has been a total labor of love! Having to reproduce something when all you have are screen captures from a movie that just by it’s nature has been filmed in dim light has been a challenge.

    Xena, remember when comparing the pictures from the movie and the picture of the reproduction that with the reproduction there are no arms in the sleeves – they just hang there totally empty..which is why I pinned them up so that you all would be able to see them better. The same can be said for the bodice – just a dress dummy – no body, no curves, no boobs, etc. But I appreciate the feedback – and in one aspect I agree with you and have already adjusted the pattern so that the velvet around the bottom of the sleeves . I have made them to hang about 6 inches more….so thanks for pointing that out for me….

    I am having a heck of a time trying to find the brocaded fabric to match to the yellow dress that is the next in line (if any of you have seen something like it please email Claire – any help is greatly appreciated. So while I search for that, the next two dresses on the to do list are the green dress that Natalie Portman wears in TOBG and a reproduction based on the AB portrait….which will be a challenge as we can’t see the bottom! But I have been researching dresses from that era and talking with Claire on documented colors that AB preferred… I say to Claire…fabric, fabric, everywhere!

  7. Thank you Kris for clarification on my Opinion.It is a beutiful dress in one way to women back then every day was prom night In view of the gown they got wear every day.I would like to see a replica of Anne’s dress on The Tudor’s.The Grey one with her hair down laying on the floor leaning on the day like bed, Her hair down Indicating sadness.Which I call The sad grey dress,But is quite beautiful..As to the sleeves on the blue dress.Men at the time took wide round hips as a sign of the ability to bear healthy boys.And Women no doubt whated to point out this to men in a modest way with the sleeves traing down the hips. 🙂

  8. The beginning of above comment should of read:Kris thank you for getting back to me on my comment.And yes your wor is stunning.Where did the smiley face come from at the end of my post.I see something similar.When ever I talk about Anne Boelyn. Without placing it my self.Also have you checked out Spanish silk in yellow.A picture of the dress to be copied would be nice. 🙂

  9. I think the dress is beautiful. Finding fabric can be very difficult and I think Kris did a great job with the choices that she made. I have an idea on how to show the dress to better advantage – put it on a model and then photograph it. I would love to see what shoes would go with it.

  10. Hi Lisa,
    Now that I’ve chosen what shoes to wear with my Pembroke Dress, I’m just having it hemmed and then I’ll get some photos taken of me wearing it. I’ve just chosen some strappy black high heels and I’ve actually had the dress hemmed so that it’s slightly off the floor, which is easier for me to cope wth and stops it dragging and getting dirty – I’m a practical girl!!

  11. Hello Lisa,

    There is a Renaissance Shoe maker on the web – I will look up the website for you and post it. She has her customers send an outline of their feet and then she makes them by hand out of leather….I have been told that she does excellent work at reasonable prices.

    I also have had some of the SCA members tell me that they either use simple strapped “Mary Janes” or flat cloth that they die to match the gown.


  12. The shoes were similar today.In they weren’t the sexless type of the 19Th century.High button verity.Most fashion came from France or Spain as today.And likely wear of armadillo type shoe.very painful.designed for standing in one spot but not for walking great distances.Usually white and over hanging lace cropped short so as not to trip. Of different colours matching the gown and at times family crests.The young ladies would at times.Would have thier gowns slightly higher so men could just see a little bit of the shoes.As now men flipped over the sight of a modest stiletto put forward by a passing lady. 🙂

  13. Thanks for the info. on the shoes – Claire, Kris, and Xena. I think it’s a great idea to hem the dress a bit off the ground so you are not always going to the dry cleaners.

  14. Hi;
    I like the Pembroke as well.But we can’t all show up wearing the same dress.We will likely laugh at each other.Then we would go to the ladies room.and pluck ourselfs down,and grumble to the goddes about not being unigue.I like the happy little yellow dress.However;it isn’t being made.
    By the way do you have any pics of the shoes? 🙂

  15. Hi Xena,
    The yellow dress is going to be made, Kris just needs to find the right contrasting fabric. She will also do a matching headpiece and Daniela is making the matching “Golden World” jewelry.

  16. Hello Claire;
    I hope in the french style. I just love them.As to the shoes alot of most pretty one did not survive at least those for the royal feet.Most ladies of the day the common lot wore something close to army boots.Hence the saying ,She wears army boots.Or they would in summer just go bare footed.Through the dirty streets of London.I guess you can’t upload pics here? 🙂

  17. I love all the hood’s and headdresses.
    Also the world ring is beautiful.She was so happy at that time,(allthough she had know idea of what she was getting into),but her Uncle knew,and her father was just lead by her Uncle.As with the rest.I for one was thinking about wearing a toned down crinoline under the yellow gown after I bought it.Just to give it a little flare,but not so much as to change it’s hang..Along with the ring. 🙂

  18. I have been corrected on the shoes.Women at the time wore flats,almost like slippers.And did not match the gowns as a rule.Heels didn’t come into general use until later years.Then only in Venice.But since Henry was having his tiff with Rome trade with Italy would likely.Expensive even for a Queen in waiting. 🙂

  19. A friend of mine who plays Henry to my Anne. said to me last night .
    He said,as if he were Anne,”Having passed from this world.My hand maladies moved my poor head and placed it hither in its place of eternity.I thought it was death that had come at long last.To rock me to my sleepe.but though I doth not move or utter not.I sleepe not”. Scary .
    I look forward to getting the dresses and accessories. 🙂

  20. Hi i’ve just stumbled across this website during my lunch break – wow!! the dresses are fab!! love the red dress – any chance of the yellow beaded number coming soon?

  21. Will people look weird at you if you actually would wear this when you go to the tower? Would be awesome to make photos all dressed up 🙂

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