24 October – John White’s return to England and the death of Jane Seymour

On this day in Tudor history, 24th October 1590, John White, the governor of the Roanoke Colony, returned to England after failing to find the lost colonists, which included his daughter, Ellinor (Elenora), his son-in-law, Ananias Dare, and his granddaughter, Virginia Dare.

But what happened to these colonists and what did the word CROATOAN carved onto a post mean?

Find out all about the Roanoke Colony and the theories regarding the disappearance of all 115 people, including the very latest research, in this talk…

And here is a link to the news article on these archaeological finds…


Also on this day in Tudor history, 24th October 1537, Queen Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII, died at Hampton Court Palace twelve days after giving birth to a son who would grow up to be King Edward VI.

In this video, I shared contemporary accounts of Jane Seymour’s illness and death, as well as details of how her remains were prepared for burial and where they were buried, and you can watch it at…

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