7 April 1538 – Elizabeth Boleyn, Countess of Wiltshire and mother of Queen Anne Boleyn, is laid to rest

I don’t know whether you are following my “on this day in Tudor history” videos on the Anne Boleyn Files YouTube Channel, but today’s video is on the burial of Elizabeth Boleyn (née Howard), Countess of Wiltshire and Ormond, and mother of Queen Anne Boleyn, as it’s the anniversary of her burial at St Mary’s Church, Lambeth.

In my video, I give details on what we know about her death, three days earlier, her burial and her resting place, which is now a Garden Museum. I also talk about her ledger stone at St Mary’s. I also share photos from my visit to the Garden Museum a few years ago.

I hope you enjoy my video.

I mention my video on Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn, and here it is:

Natalie Grueninger’s article on the ledger stone can be found at http://onthetudortrail.com/Blog/2018/12/03/a-tudor-discovery-the-ledger-stone-of-elizabeth-boleyn/

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