5 April 1531 – The boiling to death of Richard Roose, Bishop Fisher’s cook

The boiling scene from The Tudors series
The boiling scene from The Tudors series

On this day in history, in the reign of Henry VIII, Richard Roose was boiled to death at Smithfield. The former cook of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, had been attainted of high treason by a new bill, the “Acte for Poysoning”.

You can find out more about what brought him to this awful end, and why King Henry VIII took a personal interest in this case, in today’s “on this day in Tudor history” video, which you will find below.

If you prefer articles to videos, you can read my article 5 April 1531 – The Boiling of Richard Roose, Bishop John Fisher’s Cook.

Also on this day in history, 5th April 1533, Convocation gave its ruling on Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Click here to find out what they determined.

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