On this day in Tudor history, 3rd December 1600, sixty-nine-year-old peer and politician Roger North, 2nd Baron North, died at his London home.

North was a good friend of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, accompanying him on trips, witnessing his secret marriage and serving with him in the Netherlands. It was even said that he’d converted Leicester to Puritanism! North also served Elizabeth I as Privy Councillor and Treasurer of the Household and was close to the queen.

Find out more about Leicester’s good friend Roger North, his life and career, in this talk…

Also on this day in Tudor history, 3rd December 1536, a proclamation was made to the rebels of the Pilgrimage of Grace offering them a pardon.

Henry VIII offered the rebels “free pardons” for their rebellion against him, his advisors and his religious measures, yet prominent rebels ended up being executed.

I explain what happened in this video…

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