Charles BrandonAt four o’clock on the afternoon of 22nd August 1545, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, magnate, courtier, soldier and King Henry VIII’s great friend, died of unknown causes at Guildford as he prepared to lead an army to Boulogne.

Although as his biographer, Sarah Bryson, points out, Suffolk requested to be buried at Tattershall, in Lincoln, he was buried at the king’s expense in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, on 9th September 1545.

Click here to read a brief bio of Suffolk.

Sarah Bryson’s book, Charles Brandon: The King’s Man, is an excellent read on this fascinating Tudor man, as is Steven Gunn’s Charles Brandon: Henry VIII’s Closest Friend.

Trivia: Suffolk’s father was also killed on this day in history. On 22nd August 1485, at the Battle of Bosworth, Sir William Brandon, Henry Tudor’s standard bearer, was cut down by Richard III’s men.

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3 thoughts on “22 August 1545 – The death of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk”
  1. As I understand it, this was a terrible blow to Henry, who never really recovered after the death of his closest (and luckiest, as he kept his head) friend. I read somewhere that many people thought it was the death of Charles Brandon that led to Henry’s physical decline and eventual death in 1547.

  2. I am sure Henry was feeling his mortality crashing in on him at every turn by this time. The bell tolls for everyone eventually.

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