21 October 1532 – Henry VIII goes to Boulogne and Anne Boleyn stays in Calais

Posted By on October 21, 2016

Francis I and Henry VIII

Francis I and Henry VIII

On this day in history, 21st October 1532, King Henry VIII left Anne Boleyn, Marquis of Pembroke, at Calais while he rode to Boulogne to spend four days at the French court with King Francis I.

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Also on this day in history, 21st October 1536, during the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion, Robert Aske met with Lancaster Herald at Pontefract Castle and refused to let the herald read out the proclamation which told of how the Lincolnshire rebels had submitted, and declared that he and his people were intent on staying true to their cause and would be marching on London. Click here to view a timeline of the events of the rebellion.

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