20 March 1549 – Forgetting God to love a king…

Mar20,2016 #Thomas Seymour

Thomas_Seymour_Nicholas_DenizotOn 20th March 1549, Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron of Sudeley, Lord High Admiral and the fourth husband of the late Dowager Queen Catherine Parr, was executed on Tower Hill. He had been found guilty of thirty-three counts of treason following his arrest at Hampton Court Palace when he had allegedly broken into his nephew Edward VI’s apartments to kidnap him.

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Today is Palm Sunday – click here to read about how it was celebrated in the Tudor period.

Image: Thomas Seymour by Nicholas Denizot.

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2 thoughts on “20 March 1549 – Forgetting God to love a king…”
  1. Cannot think what possessed him to try to kidnap his nephew, Katherine Parr had made a bad choice there, she was known for her common sense and intelligence yet she threw caution to the winds when she married that man, he was according to his contemporaries though charming and handsome, all those traits that can turn a woman’s head, and it is the bad guys that are so irresistible to women, I wonder how the young Princess Elizabeth really felt about him, she was said to blush when his name was mentioned than she was caught in that uncompromising situation with him which led to her being dismissed from her stepmothers household, I think she had a schoolgirls crush on him which was understandable and he knew that and rogue that he was, played on it, he was an overly ambitious man and in fact reminds me of John Dudley they both wanted to rule, Thomas though had charm but Dudley I don’t think wasn’t as near as attractive.

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