18 December – Christmas Countdown

Dec18,2023 #Tudor Christmas

In today’s Advent treat, you can find out about the boar’s head, a traditional Tudor centrepiece, and a boar’s head procession that still takes place today.

And here are the two videos I mention in mine…

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One thought on “18 December – Christmas Countdown”
  1. Of course since early times boars have roamed the English countryside but no more, the procession does look very colourful and they do seem to be enjoying themselves, the orange sitting in the mouth of the animal was a feature that carried right up to the Victorian period and beyond, in the shop windows of the butchers shops the boar or pig was displayed with the orange, the procession of the butchers is a very quaint old custom of London that reminds me of that other equally old quaint custom of allowing the sheep to walk across London Bridge but I have no idea what that’s about.

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