14 November – A wedding anniversary for Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn?

On this day in Tudor history, 14th November and the Feast of St Erkenwald, there may have been two royal Tudor weddings.

We know that Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, married Arthur, Prince of Wales, eldest son of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, on 14th November 1501 at St Paul’s Cathedral in London (Old St Paul’s), but chronicler Edward Hall gives 14th November 1532 as the date of a secret wedding for King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Marquess of Pembroke, in Dover. So two royal weddings on this day in Tudor history!

In today’s “on this day in Tudor history”, I tell you what we known from contemporary sources about the weddings of Catherine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor, and Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

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Also on this day in history, 14th November 1541, an inventory was taken “of the goods and chattels, lands and fees of Thos. Culpeper, the younger”, the alleged lover of Queen Catherine Howard – click here to read more.

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