12 July 1543 – Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Parr

On the 12th July 1543, in the Queen’s Closet at Hampton Court Palace, King Henry VIII married his sixth and final wife, Catherine Parr, or Lady Latimer as she was known.

You can read more about the marriage in my article from last year – 12 July 1543 – Henry VIII Marries Catherine Parr.

Also on this day in history…

  • 1537 – Execution of Robert Aske, lawyer and rebel. He was hanged in chains outside Clifford’s Tower, the keep of York Castle. Aske was one of the leaders of the rebels in the 1536 northern uprising known as the Pilgrimage of Grace.

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4 thoughts on “12 July 1543 – Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Parr”
  1. I often wonder if this marriage was actually consumated. Considering the King’s state of health and how obese he was, I find it very unlikely, I am supposing Catherine wouldn’t have dared say anything on the subject so I presume there are no sources to find out from, are there Claire. Though no doubt I am sure Henry would have led people to believe it had been.

    1. Hi Dawn 1,I agree he was morbetly obessenot to mention, the gapping wound on his leg which smelled so foul,Anee of Cleves complained he smelled so foul,He gorged in him self at all meals and and lets not forget those midnight snacks. Lucky they did’nt have fast food take away.Dawn I have know were to send you grape juice.Go to this mail blareis@frontier.com ,so I can ship it to you,hope you will enjoy. Baroness.x

  2. I think it is almost certain that Henry was unable to have relations with his last two wives in anything other than a simple matter – he was certainly diabetic – type 2 – and probably suffered by a pituatory adenoma which as well as wide mood swings takes away your libido in dramatic fashion !
    Lady Latimer did as she was told by her brother – although a clever woman in her own right – and played the Tudor power game well. Sad she died so quickly after Henry’s death

  3. i think catherine parr would have been soothing to henry and was more in the capacity of carer than wife

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