In 1533, King Henry VIII married his sweetheart Anne Boleyn, the woman he’d been pursuing for at least six years, and then had his marriage to his wife of nearly 24 years annulled – yes, he did it that way round!

Some fiction would lead us to believe that this was all Anne Boleyn’s fault. Apparently, she set her sights on the crown and laid a trap for Henry VIII. He was putty in her hands. He just fell into her trap… Face palm, head bang, sigh…

“Anne Boleyn was nothing but a homewrecker” (that’s me putting it politely) is a comment that I quite often receive on social media. I’m asked how I can defend her when she stole someone else’s husband. But was she really like that? Let me share my views on this, and I’d love to hear yours.

You can find the “Questions about Anne Boleyn” playlist, which includes “Did Henry VIII love Anne Boleyn?” at

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