Warwick University Alumnus of the Month March 2013 – Claire Ridgway

Mar2,2013 #Claire Ridgway

I’m so proud to be picked as Warwick University’s Alumnus of the Month for March 2013, it’s a real honour.

I had to answer various questions and my answers may give you a bit of an insight into the creator of this website.

You can read the interview at Warwick University Alumnus of the Month

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20 thoughts on “Warwick University Alumnus of the Month March 2013 – Claire Ridgway”
    1. Claire,
      This prestigious award and opportunity was absolutely 100 percent deserved. Your seemingly tireless efforts, into everything Tudor, is recognized now by warwick, a super prestigious honor, but by many fans. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable, and have researched the Tudors as well. You put everything together absolutely beautifully, entertaining and completely lucid, sticking to tge facts, I check my posts on this site and this is the only one made me feel like beginning to blog. I also, look forward to opening my Anne Boleyn app/shortcut to this site. It is great helps take my mind off things that aren’t the best in my life. I have never been excited to open the new emails or to go to the site daily. It’s the most beautuful, wonderous site and I’m always excited to read. You truly are amazing, congrats and keep up the good work. You deserve this award over anyone I can think. It gives us Tudor junkies a chance to get together and talk about one of history’s most influential beautiful woman. Well done, had the Roman Catholic Church been included still, this woman would deserve to be canonized.
      Lady Brooke

  1. Congratulations Claire, a well deserved honour too.

    I have read the interview, and the question was asked ‘Where do you hope to be in 10 years time?’, you answered, ‘I’d love to be respected as a world’ authority on Anne Boleyn’. Personally I think you will arrive there well before then…

    Congrats once again. You are inspiring to all Tudor lovers.

  2. About time they figured it out! Any regular of this blog could have told them.

    Congratulations, Claire!

  3. Congratulations Claire. And nice interview! I am newly (semi) retired and your words were inspirational. Time to re-invent myself!

  4. Hello!!!!

    I really congratulate you so much for this honour. But when I read your interview you say we must never let our current studies to dictate our future. Did you study something different from HIstory fields? However it may be, I expect one day I will do what I whish to give to the people…as you do now!!! Congratulations!!!

    1. Hi Violeta,
      Thank you. The degree I did at Warwick University was a BA Hons in Religion and Education so it wasn’t history based at all, except the history of the world religions (including the Reformation). After my degree I was a teacher for a few years. Now I’m currently studying for a history degree, while also researching and writing.

  5. Claire,Congratulations on your achevments ,you must be do proud,I know we at the AB files our,well done Claire.Dreams Do Come True! Best Wishes for Years To Come .So Happy for you. Best wishes in all you do,Baroness X

  6. Congratulations! You deserve this honor. I must tell you I just finished reading through all of your posts. I managed to start at the beginning and work my way forward. I look forward to getting started on your books. Thank you for all you have done to spark my interest in this period in history.

  7. Just adding to all the congratulations, Claire! Another well-deserved feather in your cap!
    I liked your comment that you enjoyed hearing from readers who liked your books…..
    well, I like them, too! I have ‘…the Countdown’, and ‘On This Day…..’ (which I received for Christmas, and read cover to cover in about 2 days). Really enjoy your writing style, which I would describe as extremely well researched, and yet conversational and reader friendly.
    Congrats, again!

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