Happy 4th Birthday to The Anne Boleyn Files

They say that time flies when you’re having fun and they are so right! I can’t quite believe that it’s been four years since I wrote my first post here on The Anne Boleyn Files or what a rollercoaster ride it’s been. Since then…

  • I’ve gone from freelance writing to researching and writing about Tudor history on a full-time business.
  • I’ve written and published three Tudor history books, all of which have been bestsellers.
  • I’ve met historians and authors like Eric Ives, John Guy, Julia Fox, Leanda de Lisle, Elizabeth Norton and Alison Weir, and now correspond with many more.
  • I’ve stayed at Hever Castle and taken groups to the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Bosworth Battlefield, Sheffield Manor Lodge and Bradgate Park.
  • I’ve run webinars on Anne and her family.
  • I’ve been interviewed about Anne Boleyn.
  • The Anne Boleyn Files has grown to having over 230,000 page views per month and is still growing.
  • I’ve made some lovely friends through running the site.
  • The Anne Boleyn Files has become a community of like-minded people – The forum is busy with people discussing and debating Tudor history.
  • I’ve started my second degree, focusing this time on history.
  • I’ve sold Tudor themed products to people all over the world.

It’s been a busy 4 years and I’ve loved every moment of it. I do feel very blessed to be able to do what I love on a daily basis and it is all because of the followers to this site – you, in other words. Thank you!

Do remember that all three of my books are listed free on Amazon Kindle today. Here are the links for my author page on the Amazon US and UK sites, but the books are also available on the other Amazon sites, just search for my name, Claire Ridgway:

The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown was downloaded over 14,000 times yesterday and got to No. 7 in the Top 100 Free Kindle Books! All 3 books got to No 1 in their categories, so a big thank you to you all for spreading the news.

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21 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday to The Anne Boleyn Files”
  1. Congratulations Claire. I check out the Anne Boleyn Files daily and have purchased your three books. I have been so impressed with the clear and well-researched historical fact they contain. Here’s to many more years of the website and lots of luck in your further studies. Looking forward to your next book.

    1. Claire,
      I am also very pleased with your web-site, your books, and your seemingly never ending knowledge. I love that you write from fact but also entertain fiction. You are truly an inspiration and to me a cherished gift. Congrats in all you do, and have done.

      Le courage est bel esprit

  2. Happy birthday to The ABF! So happy to have seen you grow on this 4 yr journey, and been able to meet you, and all the lifelong friends I have made! I look forward to a time in which we can see each other again. You, Tim, Paudie, Linda, Julissa, Kat, Nancy, and Erin have all become my Tudor-file family, and I cannot wait for a family reunion at Hever! Here’s raising a glass to your continued success- who knows, maybe one day we’ll see you as the historical consultant on a movie or television set, working with the likes of JRM and Henry Cavill! =) Keep up the good work!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love this site, it’s my number one source of information for all things Tudor and Anne Boleyn related and I recommend it to people as much as I can! Keep up the good work and here’s to lots more birthdays! x

  4. Happy happy Birthday to the Anne Boleyn Files!! It seems like just yesterday that you were celebrating your first year anniversary! Thank you for all your wonderful work Claire, I’m so glad to have met so many wonderful people and gone to so many wonderful historical sites thanks to you and your awesome website! : D So happy to have found a Tudor family and a treasure trove of historical information and articles!

    See you all again at Hever soon! 😀

  5. Thank you Claire.. I did have your 2 other books but not the other 3rd book. So thank you for the free book…that’s very kind of you. I left a review but my phone force stopped…so I hope it went through…. its funny I emailed you asking about writing a book n tips & next to your was about tips on writing n publishing your book kinda cool so I’m going to get that after I’m done writing you this message. You are a great author/writer/educator… due to your site & decation you have teached be thing I never knew, thank you for that. I like how you don’t judge each Tudor person u give them the benefit. I’ve gone to different Tudor sites but I loved your the best!!!! You try to get all the facts straight n deep as far as your able to ho to get the truth. Anne would be most pleased with what you done. Thank You, Jessica Fletcher aka QueenFletch82

  6. And thank you too!! You give so much please to so many people through your hard work.
    Congratulations on your many achievements, and I am sure there will be many more in the future. It is amazing how many people visit the site, from all over the world, and I am also sure this will continue to grow too.

    You are a bit like the Queen now, having two birthdays to celebrate 🙂


  7. Happy Birthday to ABF!!! This site is a must for me to learn and to be quided about Anne and family. Thank you for all you do Claire. I am sure Anne would be proud.

  8. Joyeux anniversaire!! Happy birthday ABF! Dear Claire and Tim, thank you both for all your hard work for the Anne Boleyn Files! So interesting to read about the Tudors and especially about Queen Anne Boleyn. We still talk a lot about “The Anne Boleyn Experience 2011”! For me it was a lifetime experience! Keep up the good work and many many more birthdays! Greet&Bart (Belgium)

    1. I love debate and discussion so all are welcome, if that’s what you mean. We’re always disagreeing with things on here and history is all about debate, it’s a living subject. There are hard, cold facts but with Anne Boleyn a lot of what is written is theories based on people’s interpretations of sources and those are up for debate.

      Thank you!

  9. Happy B day TABF !

    I’ve been here at least in these… 3 years ( I guess). I’ve got lots of important informations! My Anne’s “paision” increased so much since I discovered this “Anne’s lovers club”. Today time is passing so fast and unfortunately I can be here everyday but still every time that is possible I am here! I wish I could participate more… 🙁

    Thank you Claire!

  10. Congrats on keeping us interested. My daughter (Alex 8yr) loves The Tudors (TV) and often reads this site. She was enthalled with her school trip to Tower of London. So Ann Boelyn will be talked about for another generation! Thanke for the free books, read one in a weekend! Hip hip horay Clairr

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