Updated Cover Concept for George Boleyn Book

george_boleyn_cover_concept_revisedThank you so much for all the comments regarding the book cover and title. Here is an updated draft cover concept (not finished cover) with an updated title.

What do you think?

We’re torn between “The Life of George Boleyn” and “George Boleyn: Poet, Courtier and Diplomat” at the moment.

P.S. I love the fact that I can involve you lords and ladies in the development of this! Clare and I are very grateful to you all.

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46 thoughts on “Updated Cover Concept for George Boleyn Book”
  1. I like the title “George Boleyn: Poet, Courtier and Diplomat” the art work is visually discriptive and pleasing.

  2. George …, Poet, Courtier, Diplomat is my choice as well. Also think his signature should be more prominent in the art work.

      1. I like the Poet, Courtier and Diplomat title, but I think Tim has a good point there. It’s slightly less snappy, but might draw in some new readers – whereas you old fans won’t even look at the title before sinking their noses between the pages…

      2. I think just “Poet, Courtier, Diplomat” is better in a vacuum but in all honesty, putting “Tudor” in there will probably increase the attention it gets substantially. (Of course “Boleyn” will get attention as it is, but “Tudor” will net a bigger audience. That’s why I currently have novels called “The Tudor Sisters” and “The Tudor Wife” whose lead characters were not Tudors either by birth or marriage).

        1. I had thought that the title of my own latest offering “Lady Anne Mowbray – the High and Excellent Princess” said it all till I realised 99% of people wouldn’t have a clue who she was, so I added as a sub-title “The Child Wife of a Prince in the Tower” and that’s what is getting people’s attention.

  3. I like George Boleyn: Poet, Courtier, Diplomat too. I can’t wait for this – Claire and Clare, you must be both very excited!!!!!

  4. I actually prefer the first cover as it shows books, and is a man of books, rather than perhaps just penning a letter…hope I haven’t offended. But both are still eye catching, and what ever you two decide on it’s going to be well received, and good to compare to the book on George you had translated from French by Edmond Bapst. Good luck ladies 🙂

  5. Yes, the addition of Tudor adds that historical cache, AND you could put a BIG cabochon RUBY RING on his pointer finger since that would be costume-appropriate and who doesn’t like a big chunk of jewelry — a la your pearls on the “Fall of AB” –on the cover!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it and I think we probably will add “Tudor” into the title. I don’t think we’ll add the ring as that would mean the artist re-doing it but I do prefer the more zoomed in image.

    1. You could put victim in many of the bios of people connected to Henry’s court; but it does not give a strong message of the real George Boleyn and puts the focus on his tragic end. He had a life that should be celebrated and brought to the audiance fresh as many people who have heard of him probably are not aware of his career at court or his poetry or his other aspects. The title draws attention to his literary remains and his career in service outside of the court or in connection to the rest of the family. He is a victim, but that is not what his life is about.


      1. Thanks for the feedback, BanditQueen, and, yes, we would not want to use the word “victim” in the title as the purpose of the book is to flesh George out as a man in his own right, rather than just the brother of Anne or a victim of her fall in 1536. Thank you!

  6. What about “Tudor Poet, Diplomat and Victim: A Life of George Boleyn” Courtier, IMO, applies to too many people.

    1. We wanted to move away from George being see as a victim of the events of 1536, even though he obviously was, and for the book to give details on his life and career. I hope that makes sense.

      1. Hi Claire. If you don’t mind may i suggest something. i have an idea. you say you want to move away from George being seen as a victim of the events of 1536, he really was victim of course but you say for the book to give details of his life and career. no offense not trying to sound rude or anything but maybe give details on his life and career and his death for those who doesn’t know anything about George Boleyn! I’m sorry telling you how write a book if i was. and i hope i was making sense!

        1. I mean that in the title we want to move away from him being seen as a victim. The book is going to cover his whole life, his career, his fall and death, everything. Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse, and don’t worry, I never mind hearing suggestions.

  7. I like the second title and agree with the idea of putting ‘Tudor’ into the subtitle. Are you sure you don’t want a cover with a headless man on it?

    1. We want to avoid “victim” as we don’t want him to be seen as just another victim of Anne’s fall, more as a man who had an amazing career, all be it cut off short.

  8. Like the cover, but have not seen the first cover. George Boleyn: Courtier: Poet Diplomat?
    or as above, with or without Tudor; most people should know who he is: could subtitle Brother of A Tudor Queen?

    Good luck. Any idea when it will be published?

  9. I like the second title to the book because it shows George Boleyn as an independent man, not just because he was Queen Anne Boleyn’s brother.

    All the best, can’t wait to get the ebook!

        1. It’s more of a case of him being in her shadow now. He was a poet who was compared to the likes of Wyatt and Surrey, he was a diplomat and a King’s favourite, but how many people have heard of him? How many books have been written about him? How much is he featured in books about the period? Not a lot, and when he is it tends to be as Anne’s brother.

  10. I don’t agree with adding ‘Tudor’. It is vastly over-used and you might like to read John Ashdown-Hill’s theories on the name in his recent book ‘Royal Marriage Secrets’ which also has an interesting account of Anne and Henry.

  11. My two cents:

    ‘George Boleyn: The Life and Death of a Tudor Poet, Courtier and Diplomat’

    Or is that too similar to The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn?

    1. We’re actually considering “George Boleyn: Tudor Poet, Courtier and Diplomat” at the moment, so that incorporates some of what you said. Thanks Judith.

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