Tudor and Medieval Diseases Quiz

Posted By on September 1, 2023

This week’s #FridayFun tests your knowledge of the common serious diseases of medieval and Tudor England.

There are 13 questions and do feel free to share your score.

#1. Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Desiderius Erasmus and Sir Francis Drake died of this.

#2. Tudor England suffered three-widespread epidemics of this, one lasting two years and which has been described as "the worst mortality crisis in early modern England”.

#3. This was often referred to as "the ague" and killed Emperor Charles V, scholar Roger Ascham and Elizabeth I's suitor, Francis, Duke of Anjou and Alençon.

#4. The Bloody Flux of Tudor England was actually this.

#5. This disease was known as "gaol fever" when it broke out in prisons-

#6. Anne Boleyn caught this in 1528, but survived, unlike others like Henry VIII's groom of the stool William Compton and Mary Boleyn's husband William Carey.

#7. Edward VI contracted this highly infectious disease in 1552 and Elizabeth I in 1562.

#8. This disease caused by by the Treponema pallidum bacterium was treated with mercury.

#9. There were numerous outbreaks of this in England between the 14th and 16th centuries, including one in Stratford-upon-Avon just after the birth of William Shakespeare in 1564.

#10. This illness, which was known as St Anthony's Fire, was caused by consuming grain contaminated with fungus.

#11. A type of this bacterial disease was known as "the king's evil" and it was thought that the king's touch could cure the sufferer.

#12. This disease has been linked by some historians to the deaths of Arthur Tudor, Henry Fitzroy, Edward VI and Anne of Denmark.

#13. Mary I and her Archbishop of Canterbury, Reginald Pole, died during an epidemic of this in London, although it is unclear whether they died of it.