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Posted By on October 31, 2011

Anne Boleyn tourAs I’m receiving lots of emails enquiring about future tours, 2013 onwards, I felt it was important to give an update on our plans for our tours.

As you know, we are running three tours in 2012:-

  • The Executed Queens Tour
  • The Discover the Tudors Tour
  • The Anne Boleyn Experience

However, Tim and I have decided that we will not be running tours in 2013, the main reason being that I want to concentrate on my research and writing and just cannot do that justice while planning and attending tours. I know that many of you will be disappointed by this news but I need to focus!

If you’d like to attend one of our tours in 2012 then please check out the brochure by clicking on the brochure image or you can go to our special tour page –

You can reserve your space with a deposit of £300 per person and we still have spaces for 2012.  Guest speakers this year include historians John Guy, Linda Porter and Eric Ives, authors Robert Parry and Gareth Russell, and costume expert Bess Chilver. I really hope that you can come, there’s nothing quite like spending the night at Hever Castle!

14 thoughts on “Tours Update”

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh, no! No 2013 tours? I’m going to be going through Hever withdrawal!

  2. myhrr says:

    Hi Claire, i am so sorry to hear that you won’t be doing the tours in 2013 as well. that’s when I was hoping to come.

    (((( M

  3. Emily says:

    This may be a bit too far out to predict, but do you think you’ll do any tours beyond 2013? I would so love to go on one of your tours one day….however, there is just no way I can get it together for 2012. Please say there will be more tours in the future!!! (By the way, I completely understand your decision to focus on your research for now and look forward to finding out all of the new information you will continue to uncover!)

  4. Catherine says:

    Claire, do you have any spaces open on the Anne Boleyn experience 2012?? (:

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Yes, we have spaces left on all three of our 2012 tours, see Let me know if you have any questions! x

  5. Lady says:

    Claire, will you be attending any 2012 tours? (:

    1. Claire says:

      Yes, Tim and I are going on the Discover the Tudors Tour. Hope you can come!

  6. Kathleen says:

    Claire, will you be updating us on whether or not you will resume running the tours after this year?

  7. Erica Cheong says:

    Greeting Claire

    I really hope you could resume the Anne Boleyn Tour in 2014! Please….! I’m sure many are looking forward to it!


  8. Jessica Monaghan says:

    Will there be a come back of these wonderful tours??

  9. Gary McDougall says:

    Hi Claire

    Have you any plans for some more tours soon

  10. Sherri says:

    Hi Claire

    Are you planning on any tours in 2015/2016 ??? I’m hoping to get to England sometime in that time period. If you are not planning any tours about Anne Boleyn specifically do you know of any other tours that are available. I checked Alison Weirs site but she is not doing any Anne Boleyn tours in the near future.



  11. Erica Cheong says:

    Dear Clarie

    Any plans to resume the Tours? Or could you recommend other good Anne Boleyn tours?

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Erica,
      Not at the moment, I’m just so busy with my research and writing – sorry! I don’t know of any other Anne themed tours but Hever Castle now take bed and breakfast bookings so you can easily stay there and I’m happy to give advice on places to visit.

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