Halloween Competition 2011 Results

Erik and Sheena

Thank you to all those who sent me photos for the Halloween Competition, we had such a hard time judging it as you all looked wonderful. You’re all so creative and beautiful!

And the winner of the Anne Boleyn Files Halloween Competition 2011 Competition is…drumroll…fanfare…

Sheena Reekie as Queen Elizabeth I, with her trusty sidekick Erik, her son, as Sir Francis Drake!

Congratulations, Sheena and Erik! Sheena will receive a $20 Anne Boleyn Files coupon and I’ll think up a prize for Erik as he definitely deserves one. Everybody who entered receives a $5 coupon and I’ll be emailing those out shortly.

Sheena is wearing the Anne Boleyn Pearl Tassel Necklace, Anne Boleyn Ruby Headband, and the Anne Boleyn Ruby Necklace worn as a brooch on her bodice. Sheena and Erik, you both look amazing!

Other entries:-

Ydana Chella wearing a customised version of our Anne Boleyn Sienna Brown Dress. Ydana wanted it in blue and silver so Kris found her a gorgeous blue.
Courtnie Harrison wearing customised versions of our Anne Boleyn Topaz Pearl Cross Necklace and Topaz Flower Chandelier Earrings.
Courtnie wanted them made in light sapphire.
Emma Fuery wearing our Anne Boleyn A Necklace and B brooch. Emma is one of the Tudor Roses – see http://www.facebook.com/TheTudorRoses
Jennifer Broderick wearing, amongst others, the Anne Boleyn Pearl Tassel Necklace and the Catherine Howard Amethyst Moonstone Earrings
Leigh Smith wearing the Anne Boleyn Moonstone Earrings.
Sarah Rooke wearing the Value Traditional Tudor Gown, Elizabeth Pearl Dangle Necklace, Virgin Queen Ivory Pearl Drop Necklace and Elizabeth Gold Beaded Edge Earrings
Annika Tuomi wearing our B Necklace
Caitlin Coo wearing our Anne Boleyn Emerald Set
Emma Watson wearing our Anne Boleyn Tassel Necklace and Anne Boleyn Pearl Crystal Headband
Nancy Smith wearing our Anne Boleyn TOGB Dress (the lady in green in the middle)
Michelle Hamilton wearing our Lucrezia Borgia Seahorse Necklace

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