Tudor Society 2014/2015 magazines
Tudor Society 2014/2015 magazines
Our sister site The Tudor Society celebrates its first birthday very soon, on 1st September. It’s been a busy year and Tim and I are thrilled at the reception the Society has received from members, authors and historians. So many experts have been giving of their time and expertise in writing articles for our magazine and doing talks for our members, so a big thank you to them and to our regular contributors too.

I’ve also enjoyed doing my weekly ‘Claire Chats’ videos and quizzes – great fun!

As I write this, the Tudor Society archives include 12 magazines, 12 expert talks, over 59 hours of video and 51 quizzes, plus a multitude of articles and resources – enough to keep anyone busy for a long time!

You can find out more about the benefits of membership on the Tudor Society homepage but if you want to find out more about our Tudor Life monthly magazine then click here to view the last 12 covers and to view a sample of our special Anne Boleyn edition from May 2015. You can also enjoy a sample expert talk by Gareth Russell – click here.

I do hope you’ll consider joining and perhaps I’ll see you on one of our live chat sessions soon.

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14 thoughts on “The Tudor Society One Year On”
  1. Is this an American website? I’m curious as to why Americans may be interested in Anne. The rings and teeshirts are very crass. Are you selling something ?

    1. I’m British and I’m a Tudor history researcher and author, but why shouldn’t Americans be interested in Tudor history? It was in the Tudor period that the first colonies were established in the US so many Americans descend from Tudor people.
      Am I selling something? Well, you saw the rings and t-shirts. Sales of items like that help with the running costs of The Anne Boleyn Files and you may think they’re crass but I think they’re beautiful, as do many others. The Anne Boleyn Files is mainly an information site and the Tudor Society is an information site.

  2. I’m sorry, vut what a ridiculous question – why would Americans be interested in Anne Boleyn. Umm – history? Thanks for reinforcing the perception that Americans arenoy interested in Kardashians and guns.

  3. Good luck with the magazine and site!
    Many Americans are descended from Brits so of course there will be keen interest in this most interesting era.
    Also the colonies were founded during this period!

  4. As an American I find British history fascinating. After all British history is also our history until the 18th Century. Things that took place on your side of the water would have an impact on us. And your historical personages are very interesting. As a retired English teacher I loved teaching Shakespeare, Anglo-Saxon poetry and Chaucer. All reflect the life and times of the people.
    Yes I love American history also. My family’s roots are in the British Isles and Scotland. Your history is my history.

  5. Congratulations to Claire and Tim on the first anniversary of the Tudor Society web site! It really is an excellent place to go for everything related to the Tudor (and Plantagenet) period in history. The monthly magazine is great, as are the videos, quizzes, live chats, etc. As an American interested in this period of history, I’m looking forward to year #2!

  6. Mazel tov, Claire, on the Tudor Society’s first anniversary … and may you have many more. IMO, British history from the WOTR to the Tudors is simply fascinating .. and this is coming from an American with no British blood of any kind whatsoever!

  7. HELLO

  8. I am Dutch born and live in Australia,I am also very interested in British history,
    Thank you Claire for all the great stories,am always looking forward to your mail.

  9. What a strange and random comment to make Jane. I’m American and have a strong interest in the Tudor period. Have learned so much from Claire’s website and being a member of the Tudor Society. The religious aspect alone is fascinating and I have learned so much about how the changes that occurred became a part of our history as well. By the way, did you know Virginia was named in honor of Anne’s daughter, Elizabeth I, who was known as the Virgin Queen? Our histories are entwined. But beyond that, Anne is one of the most fascinating women of all time. Don’t get me started there! And Claire’s products are a fun aspect that help fund her research and writing so she can continue to inform us and maintain the site.

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