1532 Anne Boleyn made Marquis/Marquess of Pembroke in her own right
2 3
1553 Edward Courtenay made Earl of Devonshire
1539 Betrothal of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves

1588 Death of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

1548 Death of Catherine Parr

1569 Death of Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London, in prison

6 7
1533 Birth of Elizabeth I – a daughter for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
1560 Death of Amy Robsart, wife of Robert Dudley – Her body was found at the bottom of the stairs of her house in Cumnor, Oxford.
1513 Battle of Flodden and death of James IV
1533 Christening of Elizabeth at Greenwich

1547 Battle of Pinkie Cleugh (Black Saturday), Scotland – part of the War of the Rough Wooing

11 12 13
1520 Birth of William Cecil, Lord Burghley

1557 Death of scholar Sir John Cheke

1585 Sir Francis Drake sets sail from England to Spain
15 16 17 18
1559 – Francis II accedes to the French throne
1486 Birth of Arthur, Prince of Wales (Henry VIII’s older brother)
1515 Birth of Anne of Cleves
1571 Death of Bishop Jewel
24 25
1586 Mary Queen of Scots taken to Fotheringhay Castle
26 27
1501 Catherine of Aragon leaves Spain for England
1599 Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, arrived in London
1528 Arrival of Cardinal Campeggio in England

1564 Elizabeth I made Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester


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