If you’ve always wanted to know what I look like and sound like, now’s your chance! Yes, I am on camera talking about my new book The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown – aagghhh! Enjoy!

P.S. Do you like the new bookcase my loving husband bought me? I’m still in the process of filling it!

P.P.S The paperback is now available on Amazon.comclick here

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13 thoughts on “The Fall of Anne Boleyn Trailer – Claire on Video”
  1. Beautiful bookcase, I can’t wait to read this book, I need to get paid quicker 🙂 It’s also nice to finally put a face and voice to the creator of such a wonderful website.

  2. A great writer, a great friend and now a great presenter; is there no beginning to this girls talents! Ha! x

  3. Claire,
    So….you have an accent…LOL Just kidding. Lovely presentation. I read your new book over the weekend and I loved it!
    Great bookcase. If you are going to keep writing books, I’ll be needing one like that.

  4. I was interested in this book before, but the structure of it and the material you’ve said you’ve used for it, it sounds incredibly refreshing and a must have. Looking forward to adding it to my other books on Anne Boleyn!

  5. Hi Claire,

    Bravo on the new book! I am in the midst of reading it, and am impressed with your depth of research. Unlike other histories of on Anne Boleyn, which summarize for the reader what the charges against the queen and the five men were, or what the indictments stated, you actually show them. I so appreciate that, for I now get to read these documents. I also like the counter charges to the dates of Anne’s supposed adulterous meetings with the five others charges for treason.

    Like you, I always found Anne’s death, and those who were horribly murdered along with her, to be tragic, and completely wrong. When I was a young girl, I remember sitting in a dentist’s office waiting for an appointment to get my teeth cleaned, and there was a Tudor history picture book in the office, hard to believe, but true. I picked up the book, and came across a painting of a woman holding a young toddler, the child’s hair red, and the woman wearing a hood, and her back was to the viewing audience; however, she faced a large menacing man, in rich dress. The caption to the book’s painting referred to a King Henry VIII who beheaded his wife for not giving him a son, and I thought, a man did this to his wife? He had her killed? I was just a child, but this was wrong, and it probably set me on my path of wanting to learn more and becoming a crusader for Anne as well as an ardent feminist, which I teach.

    Your passion and fervour for the late queen is balanced by good research. I am a college professor, with a doctorate and 25 years university teaching experience, so I know a bit about research.

    Keep up the great work and nice job with the video:-))

  6. Great intro trailer Claire and a lovely bookcase. The speed of the fall of Anne Boleyn and her companions is chilling, but to be honest I have not really thought of it as being callous, only that was how things were done back then. However, when you compare it to the fall of Catherine Howard, it is rather fast. Having said this, though it seems that the investigation into Anne began a long time before her arrest with the Commission of Oyer and Terminer (sorry about spelling) and most of what was accused against Anne was planted or at least invented. The initial evidence against Catherine Howard had come to the attention of Archbishop Cramner, but there was very little in the way of specifics that were given to the King. All of that had yet to be wrung out of the gentlemen accused with her and out of Catherine, and it took longer to find out the fact from the fiction. That may account in part for the time that Catherine Howard was left before she was Attained before Parliament and automatically found guilty. The fall of her two lovers, Francis Dereham and Thomas Culpepper, however, seems to be just as quick as that of Anne Boleyn and her alleged lovers. The news was brought to Henry on 1st November and they are executed 10th December, but it took much longer to get the information out of them. With Anne it seems that the trap was set a lot earlier than the fast moving events seem to suggest, some time around 23rd April in fact, so not much less time than with Catherine Howard. Catherine was encouraged to make a frank confession, and Henry did not seem to be lining up the next wife, so may-be he was not as anxious to be rid of her as he was with Anne. Wife number three, Jane was waiting in the wings, and Henry wanted to get on with things. Justice was swift in those days, but I am not sure that makes it callous.

  7. CLaire,What a nice video ,love your hair cut and to here you speak such a graceful well spocken women,the first book was very well done and as you say ,written for those who may not no much about this Great Queen,my second book is on the way,can’t wait.I live in the Mid West and the weather was under a ,Tornado Warnning,so I had your novel in one hand ,smart phone flash light a glass of my wine as I have a vine yard at my home . Off I went to the wine cellar with your book in hand,It is perhapes the most factual book on th Great Queen,and I am greatful that we have you not just as a Author,but a teacher as well,these books I shall pass down to my children,so theres may no the truth about the History of the Great Kings and Queens.Also I am going in the contest…shiffer!! Much ThX Claire/Baroness

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