The 30th April 1536 was a busy day at Henry VIII’s court in England and it really was the beginning of the end for Queen Anne Boleyn. Things started moving at a frightening pace from this day onwards, there was no escape for Anne or the five men.

See today’s events at “30th April 1536: An Argument and an Arrest”.

P.S. Are you enjoying The Fall of Anne Boleyn timeline?

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19 thoughts on “30th April 1536 – A Busy Day at the English Court”
  1. Really enjoying the timeline. It really makes the strong impression that something ominous is in the air. Great to see the ‘step by step’ events as they unfolded, rather than just the dry ‘Anne Boleyn was arrested, found guilty, and beheaded’.

  2. I’m only enjoying it from an educational point of view. How could anyone really “enjoy” reading the “countdown” to the death of an innocent woman? And especially, by means of gossip,here-say and blatent lies??? And to put the “icing on the cake”,it was pointless! Everyone had some kind of benefit for Anne’s death: Cromwell,Henry,Jane her brothers,the Spanish loyalists and a large “cast of characters”vidown to the “vendor” at the execution! It was a “shameless” act of self-serving,greed,jealousy.revenge and “you name it”! And poor Anne & her brother,George and “anyone who had the misfortune to pay her a little attention, were it’s victims.

    1. Other people enjoy it also, and even write, “loving it”. Some people are too literal.

  3. I am loving it Claire.
    I think you have done a grand job – it is also the countdown to the book which must be brilliant for you.
    Keep it up.

  4. I love the fact that every year you find something different and unique to commemorate this time of year.. Last year it was Sir Timothy’s report, this years it’s the timeline.. Keep up thw good work!! 🙂

  5. Yes, loving it. It’s such a good idea it seems crazy not to have been presented as such before… well done for doing so much of what needs to be done :>)

  6. The thing I find fascinating is how quickly things progressed for Anne. Your countdown has really made that so clear. That is a lesson for all of us. Never take life for granted.

  7. I love you “spoof” writing! You are such a talented and gifted writer. Congratulations also on your new book being released in the US on amazon!

    I have to say about this one that you are right on target with the dates, and I’ve thougt for years this was it, but was afraid to ask, so it has now been validated! I can’t thank you enough! WilesWales

    1. Hi Wiley,
      I’d love to take the credit for the spoof but I didn’t write it, although I wish I had!
      Thanks so much for the good wishes.

  8. Thank you, Claire, I suppose I was more interested in the content, as everything on this site is always good! Oops!

    I would like to ask a question, if anyone knows, as I have been wondering this for some time, and since this about a certain date, I hope it is appropriate to ask this approach this question.

    England did not adapt from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian calendar until 1752. So when we talk dates, at the most here, are the dates calculated from the adoption in the middle or latter parts of the 1500’s, with the Julian Calendar, or updated (as I do most always see the dates as the same anyway, and may just have answerd my concern) to the modern Gregorian Calendar. I can always presume, but I don’t like doing that. Thank you so very much in advance! WilesWales!

    1. The dates given here are the dates given in the primary sources for 1536 so they are not updated to the Gregorian calendar, they are as they were in 1536. Hope that makes sense!

  9. Yes the ‘Fall of Anne Boleyn’ timeline is a smashing bonus Claire.. its great, you have given us the chance to have two ‘waffles’ if we want with this, haha

    How the dark forces worked quitely in the background at Henry’s court… to conspire and plot the downfall and death of the women once loved so much by him, for who he tore the country apart, and upset Europe, so that he could have her as his Queen, is beyond comprehension and belief, it doesn’t seem real, like it is a made up piece of fiction, I think this is what baffles me the most about the whole sorry tale, how such a great dynamic love turned into a passionate, deadly hatred, its so incredibly heart-breaking…

  10. Claire,The count down sends shivers down my spine,to think it has been almost 500 year since the ,Great Queen Anne was sent to her untimely death. Poor Poor the doomed Queen Anne. My heart is fiiled with sadness now and always. Baroness

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