The Fall of Anne Boleyn Online Event – May 2022

Posted By on April 12, 2022

I’m commemorating Anne Boleyn’s first official public appearance as queen on this day in 1533 with the launch of my online event “The Fall of Anne Boleyn with Claire Ridgway”.

Join me for 8 days of live talks, bonus pre-recorded talks and Q&A session from 13th to 20th May 2022 as I talk about the dramatic and tragic fall of Anne Boleyn and five courtiers in May 1536.

Place: Online in a private Facebook group and a private part of

Dates: 13-20 May 2022

Times: Live at 10pm UK/5pm New York each day

Cost of 8-day event: $129 (USD)
(approximately £99.00, AUD 173.40, €118.20)

Find out more about the event, view the schedule, see what you get, AND register by clicking here

Note: The event is completely online so you can join in from anywhere in the world!

1 thought on “The Fall of Anne Boleyn Online Event – May 2022”

  1. Christine says:

    It is truly awful when we know that the shameful bloody murder of an innocent queen and five men were being plotted behind closed doors those long ago days in April, quite unaware of their impending deaths these tragic victims were living their lives with day to day normality, the queen visited her little girl at Hatfield sat her on her lap and maybe sang to her, deciding on another little outfit for as she was so fond of dressing Elizabeth in beautiful gowns and hats, the musician Mark Smeaton a young handsome and talented boy, strummed his lute in the queens apartments his soulful eyes fixed on the queen, and there was gossip and chatter amongst the men and women. the other courtiers by names of Francis Weston a young man and favourite of the king, one of his set was probably playing cards and drinking merrily with the king and his other favourites, George the diplomat and queens loyal brother, Sir Henry Norris a handsome and devoted friend of the kings of many years standing, engaged to the queens cousin, William Brereton a rich landowner, an unlikely victim, not either of the king or queens special group of intimates, all these people were blissfully unaware of the legal machinations that was rolling along at an alarmingly hasty pace, to culminate in an almighty crescendo of major proportions that took just a matter of two weeks to bring down a crowned and anointed queen and her faction, that culminated in the robbing of five souls and their lives, that left families wrecked and changed in a way no one could ever have foreseen, this was the day the planned slaughter of these innocents began, remember them.

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