The Fall of Anne Boleyn Book Tour Day 8 – The Tudor Cafe

Today you can catch me at Bridgett’s blog, The Tudor Cafe, where I am sharing my thoughts on “The Maligned Boleyns”, a subject very close to my heart – click here to read it now.

As usual, I am offering a prize to one lucky person who leaves a comment on that article before midnight (EST) on Wednesday 13th June. The prize is a pair of Anne Boleyn Pearl Heart Earrings (or alternative if a gentleman wins!).

Thanks so much, Bridgett, for hosting me today!

Tomorrow, I am being interviewed by Anthony at his blog on the Tudors. You can see the book tour schedule at The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown Virtual Book Tour

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3 thoughts on “The Fall of Anne Boleyn Book Tour Day 8 – The Tudor Cafe”
  1. Do you know Claire, I never realised there were so many sites, in so many countries dedicated to the Tudor period,,,its amazing. I would love to visit them all on a regular basis, but if I did I would never get anything done,lol…
    Us Brits should be really grateful to have such a wonderful, colourful historical period that people worldwide want to share, it’s brilliant…:)

  2. There are so many myths, un-truths, flat out lies and misconceptions, that it would take a century to sort out all of the history on the Tudors. However, in as much as there is so much material, SOME facts would almost have to be true, I would think. That is pretty much just a given.

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