Today I am over at the Elizabeth I blog, Being Bess, being interviewed by Ashlie Jensen. I heartily recommend Ashlie’s blog as it has wonderful articles on my second favourite historical woman.

Click here to read the interview now.

As well as answering Ashlie’s questions, I’m giving away an Elizabeth I necklace. It features one of my favourite portraits of Elizabeth, the Rainbow portrait. All you have to do is leave a comment on the article at Being Bess before midnight Sunday 3rd June (Eastern time) and I will randomly pick a lucky winner.

Tomorrow, Tamise is hosting me on her Lady Jane Grey blog, the Lady Jane Reference Guide Blog, for a guest article. You can see the book tour schedule at The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown Virtual Book Tour

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7 thoughts on “The Fall of Anne Boleyn Book Tour Day 4 – Being Bess”
  1. Claire:

    I just read your interview on Being Bess – like all of the other interviews, it was fascinating. I know that the tours take a lot of organizing, but I hope that you change your mind about not running tours after this year. Maybe some of your diehard fans could help with some of the organization – I know that I’d be willing to!

    1. I agree with Nancy…please don’t stop the tours forever! I hope that, even if you don’t run them every year (completely understandable), you will consider still offering them every now and then. I would be willing to help as well!

  2. What a great interview! The video Elizabeth I Honored at Higgins is fantastic! Thank you for posting this Claire!

  3. Claire,
    I love reading your interview on the “Being Bess” site. I had no idea that your husband, Tim, along with other things, took the articles of best interest by the number of comments and other things, and also the way you have done all of this so unselfiishly to get the Queen Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth messsages out there. For now, I am easily talking about Queen Anne and the first book. Your took out the middle man have done so in order for people to learn the absolute truth about Anne (and you are very good at hinting, but I recognized “Anoher Boley Girl,” not by title but as an author, too. You are too good.

    I also had no idea you were inspired about Elizabeth by the David Sparkey book. The years of Elizabeth’s troubles before she began to reign at age 25 in those days were major feats in themselves.

    Lastly, your favorite quotes made my Elizabeth are mine as well! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read them! Thank you! WilesWales!

    I will defend Queen Anne Boleyn as long as I am around! She was innocent on all charges, but she did give England a very special gift, Queen Elizabeth I, the greatest absolute monarch that country ever had!

    “This is the Lord’s doing: it is marvelous in our eyes:..” ~ Pslams 118:23

  4. When I watch the movies Elizabeth and Elizabeth, The Golden Age (I own them both), I keep watching & listening for references from Elizabeth, about her mother.
    I think that she may not have spoken much about her mother, but I also sense a kind of sadness in her. Maybe it is just my personal interpretation of these movies. I am always wondering how she could have even LIKED her father…given the fact that he DID have her mother executed, had Elizabeth bastardized, & then banished for
    long periods of time. She was so incredibly strong-minded. I don’t know if that was DESPITE her life, growing up, or BECAUSE of it.

  5. Hi Claire – I enjoyed the “Being Bess”‘ interview and I also just ordered a paper copy of your latest book (and I just got the “Welcome Pack”- thanks.)

    I also feel that Queen Elizabeth shared many of Anne’s traits – perhaps an illustration of Nature versus Nuture. I remember a line about Elizabeth from one of my high school history textbooks – and it has stayed with me for decades – “Like her mother before her, this daughter of Anne Boleyn could skillfully choose and handle the men around her”‘.

    The Anne Boleyn Experience Tour is tempting me. I have been to the Tower and Hampton Court once but I am longing to see Hever.

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