The Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour Scandal – Dr Elizabeth Norton

The Starz series “Becoming Elizabeth” recently brought to life a scandal that affected Queen Elizabeth I in her youth.

This scandal affected Elizabeth’s relationship with her beloved stepmother, Catherine Parr, the dowager queen, and saw Elizabeth surrounded by rumour and gossip. It’s something that must have had a huge impact on her.

What was this scandal?

Well, depending on your viewpoint, it was inappropriate behaviour from Elizabeth’s stepmother’s husband, Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, or it was grooming and sexual abuse.

It’s a topic that we’ll be exploring in my forthcoming online event “Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen”. Dr Elizabeth Norton, author a many history books, including “The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor”, will be our expert on this. She’ll explore what we know about Thomas Seymour and Elizabeth in 1547 and 1548, what the primary sources tell us about Elizabeth’s relationship with Seymour, whether he sexually abused her, and if he wanted to marry her.

“Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen” starts on 7th September. Register now at

It’s completely online and open to everyone internationally.

Elizabeth Norton is just one of 8 historians involved in the event. As well as me, we also have Dr Linda Porter, Dr Estelle Paranque, Dr Tracy Borman, Dr Owen Emmerson, Dr Elizabeth Goldring and Christine Hartweg. Do join us!

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