I know some of you live vicariously through our tour reports, so Tim is going to report back after every day of the tour. Over to Tim…

After a successful meet-up in Victoria, our wonderful group of Tudor history fans headed off by coach to Hever Castle for our first evening.

As always, the first thing people wanted to do was to see in each others wonderful bedrooms – and they really are amazing. We then got together for sparkling wine and the “goodie bags” were handed out (everyone seems very happy!). Our meal was up to the excellent standard we’ve come to expect from Hever, and then it was the turn of Gareth Russell to speak to us about “The Queen’s Household” which was really interesting.

I think we all learned a huge amount about all of the men and women who surrounded each of the six wives of Henry VIII, and the different styles that the queens used to manage their large households. Very interesting.

Tomorrow is our main “Hever” day and I’m looking forward to our private tour of the castle and then to walking up to St. Peter’s church to see Thomas Boleyn’s tomb.

You can see photos from yesterday at http://www.flickr.com/photos/theanneboleynfiles/sets/72157631615599563/

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6 thoughts on “The Anne Boleyn Experience Day One – Arrival at Hever Castle”
  1. It all looks wonderful. Hever is one of the most beautiful castles I’ve been to. It manages to be impressive yet warm at the same time. But men do not understand that us women need to know what they had to eat. Please let me know so that I can drool.

  2. Claire,Looks like great fun,I watch the slide show,when your touring the castles ,do you feel that sense of walking in the foot steps of the people and there past? THX Baroness x

  3. Lovely photos. They all look so cosy sat there around the table….I’m green with envy, and will, no doubt, get greener as I follow the tour…lol…have a great time all you lucky ones that are there 🙂

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