FREE KINDLE BOOK – The Merry Wives of Henry VIII: A Tudor Spoof Collection

Just a quick post to let you know that Ann Nonny’s The Merry Wives of Henry VIII: A Tudor Spoof Collection is free on Amazon Kindle today and tomorrow (21st and 22nd September).

Here are the links to the various Amazon sites for download:

Apologies to those of you in Italy, it doesn’t seem to have been listed on the Italian site yet.

Here’s the blurb for the book:

A collection of irreverent, tongue-in-cheek, side-splittingly funny Tudor history spoofs from the insane, but rather clever, Ann Nonny.

For the first time since the 16th century, we are able to share over 40 celebrated spoofs and parodies by Tudor literary genius (read mad woman) Ann Nonny. Her writing provides us with a unique insight into Tudor England, and the soap opera which was Henry VIII’s life.

Nonny’s work will no doubt find its way into the annals of English history and be enjoyed for many centuries to come.

Tales in this book include:

  • 20 Things to Remember When Marrying Henry VIII
  • The Second Boleyn Tart
  • Bring Out Your Dead
  • The Six Ex-Wives of Henry
  • If Only There Had Been a Prenup

… and many more.

We would like to warn you not to drink coffee or any other beverage while reading this book.

Stories include straight spoofs, mixed with parodies and satires of historical fiction. From the ridiculous to the sublime.

This book is definitely not for children…

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6 thoughts on “FREE KINDLE BOOK – The Merry Wives of Henry VIII: A Tudor Spoof Collection”
  1. I downloaded Ann Nonny’s book yesterday, and couldn’t put it down! I have just finished it, and the spoofs were fantastic! I recommend this book, and thoroughly hope another one is being planned 🙂 I quite enjoyed the three wives wrestling haha x

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