Six Shades of Henry

Sep18,2012 #Henry VIII

I’m not sure whether fumes from plumbing adhesive has got to Tim and I (we’re having building work done), but Tim has just created this mock-up cover inspired by a conversation I’ve been having on the forum. The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has led to all kinds of spoofs and ‘rip-offs’, so Bill, a member of the AB Files forum, suggested “Six Shades of Henry” and this inspired the cover you see pictured here.

Looks like I’m going to have to abandon my serious research and writing, and write this book! What do you think? 😉

P.S. Sorry to be completely inappropriate and rather silly, blame the fumes!

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22 thoughts on “Six Shades of Henry”
  1. Instead of coming up behind his women and saying “I’m going to take you now” like that guy in those horrible 50 shades books (bc I know that happens to me all the time, you too right?!) he could come up behind them and say “I’m going to take your head now!”

    1. He he! We really must write this book, you know. Perhaps I ought to start a fan fiction thread on the forum and we can do a collaborative effort lol!

  2. Sorry folks having a ‘Der’ moment here, but what’s this ‘fifty shades of grey phenomenon’ thingy-mi-jig you have mentioned… but the close up of the ‘cod piece’ has made me grin, because if you look at it closely, (or is it me), the markings on it look like a frowning face, 🙂 can anyone else see it, or have I got the whiff of Claire’s adhesive fumes that have floated across from Spain on the wind….

    1. It’s OK ‘der’ moment over…the 50 shades of grey’ thing, it’s a ‘mucky book’ 🙂 (only joking)…oh yes to write a spoof rauncy tale of Henry’s bed hopping would be a cracker. Maybe Ann Nonny could do it, or all of us send in a chapter or two and maybe a book could be put together from it all. What a laugh it would be.

  3. Claire,Tim,Very creative its ,I must say different Kudos to you and Tim! I had to look twice to funny!! THxX For The laugh Baroness x

  4. It has to be done, i was so excieted when i saw the picture and said i can’t wait to read the book. I guess i can wait a little longer for it to publish!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness. This is really, really amazing…in a really, really bad way. In short, best Fifty Shades parody EVER.

  6. Love it! The cover alone is better than the entire “50 Shades” book! ( I only made it through about a third. It was horrible! And, I’m used to reading historical fiction, not “hysterical”! LOL. Made myself laugh. Hope you do write this book, or we could all do it collaboratively!

  7. I think it’s a grand idea but would expand it to include the bed adventures of all the Tudors and the court! I just wrote a spoof on George Boleyn and his wife cross dressing – just before his arrest so can you guess what happened?

    As for the codpiece; I’ve often thought the ones we can see of Henry’s in his armour and potraits were – shall we say, a little on the confident side. But since there were not socks back then as we know them today, what would men use to make them a conversation piece? Wood? Iron? They had to be padded somehow; otherwise wouldn’t there be …well, huh …. room to grow?

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