His Dear Bedfellow – The debate over Harry Percy

| January 28, 2016

My dear friend, historian and author Gareth Russell, has written an article for Tudor Life magazine which I know will be of real interest to Anne Boleyn Files followers and which you can all read as it’s part of the teaser/taster of the February magazine, available at https://www.tudorsociety.com/tudor-life-february-2016-taster/. Now, most of us are very well […]

George Boleyn’s Sexuality

| April 13, 2012

Following on from her recent and popular article “Being George Boleyn”, Clare Cherry examines the myths surrounding George Boleyn’s sexuality. Over to Clare… One of the most asked questions about George Boleyn is with regards to his sexuality. What I regularly see time and again is the comment that there were rumours he was either […]