Here at The Anne Boleyn Files studio in London, we have just received news that the annual chapter meeting of the Order of the Garter at Greenwich has just finished. Our reporter on the ground is waiting to hear confirmation that the Queen’s brother, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, has been given this post.

While we wait for confirmation, we can tell you that present at this chapter meeting were the King, the Dukes of Richmond and Norfolk, the Earls of Northumberland, Westmoreland, Wiltshire, Sussex, Rutland and Oxford, Lord Sandys and Sir William Fitzwilliam. All we know so far is that the feast is expected to take place on the 21st May with the Earl of Northumberland taking the King’s place as he has announced that he has a prior engagement.

As viewers will appreciate, this meeting always takes place on St George’s Day, the feast day of England’s patron saint, and The Most Noble Order of the Garter was founded in 1348 by King Edward III and is the highest order of chivalry in our country

Shock, horror! An anonymous source has just told The Anne Boleyn Files reporter, Sir Tim Ridgway, that Lord Rochford was not elected. The Queen’s brother has not been chosen. Another anonymous source confirms that Sir Nicholas Carew has been elected instead. This is shocking news. Let’s go to our on-the-spot reporter, Tim.

“Thank you, Claire. Well, I can confirm that on this day, 23rd April 1536, Sir Nicholas Carew has been elected to become a member of the prestigious Order of the Garter. It is a shock. I am surrounded by people who are whispering about what this means. There is gossip that this is a sign that Queen Anne is losing her influence on the King and one of my sources, a Lady Weir, has commented that Carew has been “mentoring Jane Seymour”, the lady that the tabloid press have been reporting as the King’s new flame, and that this election is “a public snub to Anne” Back to you, Claire.”

Here in the studio we have Eustace Chapuys, the Imperial ambassador. My Lord, what do you think of this surprise election?

“Simply that the Concubine has not had sufficient influence to get it for her brother.”

Hmmm… Are we reading too much into this? We just don’t know and the Queen is not available for comment at this time. We will of course keep you updated on events as they unfold, but things are not looking good for the Boleyn faction.


Here is a wonderful mock-up of how this story might look in the Renaissance version of “The Sun” tabloid newspaper. Thanks so much to Daniela Werkmeister for creating this image.

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12 thoughts on “St George’s Day 1536 – A Sign that All is Not Well in Paradise”
  1. Nice touch the modern view of the events!! 🙂

    So, why do you all think George was not elected? Is that a sign that Henry was not as inoccent of the plot against Anne as some people think?

  2. Ha ha… well done! *lol*
    I guess Chapuys was editor in chief for the old renaissance version of the “The Sun”. which already back then made up and exaggerated stories , ignorant of people’s feelings and personality. Hey I could photoshop you one (-;

  3. The newscast idea is a very nice touch! Apparently, though, years before, Henry had promised the French king to give the next Garter opening to Carew … and Henry (and Anne) had been “cultivating” Francis. So, it looks like a nice ambiguous gesture (a snub to Anne, but not really) that would mean precisely whatever Henry wanted it to mean.

  4. Brilliant! I hope we get reports from the Scaffold on 19th May. Tim could interview Anne’s Ladies and the crowd. 🙂

  5. An exclusive last interview from Anne and one from Henry -although I am sure his privy chamber will claim that he’s not available and out hunting that day-

    I would be interested in a very direct and no-nonsense interview with formerly overly ambitious Thomas Boleyn, why he used two of his kids as plolitical pawns for the king, just to recieve prestige and titles, no matter if he spoils one of his daughters image, who’s known as “The great whore” and brought his second daugher and his only son to the scaffold… and why he did not “meddle her cause…!”!

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