Sport for the King with Anne Boleyn at Hampton Court Palace

Posted By on August 26, 2010

Enjoy the company of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn this Bank Holiday Weekend (28th-30th August) at Hampton Court Palace at their special “Sport for the King with Anne Boleyn” weekend of activities. The Hampton Court Palace website has this to say about the weekend:-

“Love is in the air as Queen Anne prepares for a summer’s day of festivities. When the King’s talent at sport is challenged, a series of contests are set up to prove who is really the best knight.

The Tudor Tournament returns to Hampton Court Palace this bank holiday weekend. Cheer on knights in armour as they thunder across the field on their magnificent chargers.

Some of the activities keeping you and the King entertained over the bank holiday weekend include:

  • Tudor sword fighting
  • Knight school
  • Music and dancing
  • Fool shows
  • Wine from the new Wine Fountain much more…”

You can see and download the programme of events at but highlights include:-

  • The Great Tournament at midday and 4pm
  • The Fool Show at 12.30 and 3pm
  • The Court of Love – learn to play the game of Courtly Love with Queen Anne and her friends and family at 2pm
  • The Queen’s Court – Queen Anne is entertained with music and dancing at 3pm

Find out more at the Hampton Court Palace website.

8 thoughts on “Sport for the King with Anne Boleyn at Hampton Court Palace”

  1. Eliza M. L. says:

    A Wine Fountain? Sounds like my kind of event! (Even if it’s not real wine.) Everything else sounds lovely, too.

  2. Claire says:

    It actually is real wine! You pay per glass and can have white or red!

  3. Tina Bennett says:

    I hope someone on our group can attend and post pictures…for those of us that can’t join the King and Queen at Hampton Court *sigh* (I love the idea of the Wine Fountain, the Court of Love and The Queen’s Court).

  4. holly says:

    did anne boleyn ever stay at hampton court palace?

    I thought she only stayed at the tower of london

    1. holly says:

      Sorry, I know she did!

  5. Courtnie says:

    Wow this looks so amazing and cool, I wish I was in England so I could go to all of these things, They need to have festivals where Henry VIII is still alive and with Anne Boleyn here in America. Not just Elizabeth, their daughter. Go figure that Henry worried so much about having a mail heir and the one to rein the longest was his daughter from Anne Boleyn. Makes me so happy. But sad that I can not go to this show even though i would do anything to go.. I’m just not that lucky.

  6. Carol says:

    I am a volunteer for Historic Royal Palaces. I was working at Hampton Court yesterday and managed to watch the afternoon jousting tournament – it was terrific and so very apt to be taking place at Hampton Court Palace. The historical re-enactment company Past Pleasures are wonderful, they really bring history alive for the public.

  7. Anne Barnhill says:

    Oh I wish I could be there—one of these days I’ll hop across the pond!! It’s on my bucket list–at the very top!

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