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Running the Anne Boleyn Files has enriched my life so much and one way it has done this is through the people it has brought into my life: from authors and historians, to friends I’ve made through the tours and simply by chatting with people online.

In 2009, Carolyn Lucas came into my life. Carolyn had become interested in Anne Boleyn via her fascination with Anne’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I. Carolyn started commenting on my articles, which was such a blessing and encouragement because I was new to my research and blogging. Since that time, she has made over 230 comments on my posts and over 600 posts on the forum. She was such an active participant in this website. She posted as Impish Impulse and Carolyn, and was always friendly and helpful, and funny too.

Carolyn also booked to come on my very first tour, the Anne Boleyn Experience, back in 2010 but events conspired against her and her mother joining us. The ash cloud of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano caused Carolyn’s flight from the US to be cancelled. She fought so hard to get to the UK, flying to Canada for a connecting flight there, but had to give up after spending an uncomfortable night at the airport and not being able to get any further on her journey. I was upset and she was obviously devastated. I never did meet her, but we kept in touch via Facebook and through her comments here.

Late last night, Carolyn left this world peacefully. Cancer took her away from her family and friends. She’d had it before, but it came back with a vengeance. I feel so sad, but also so grateful for having known her. She was one of the good ones, one of those people that gives so much and who is beautiful through and through. She was a huge support to me and I know she made many friends through this site, and that warms my heart. We are more than a history site, we are a community, and we’ve lost a member.

Rest in peace, dear Carolyn, and say “hello” to Anne and Elizabeth for me. You will be missed so very much. My thoughts are with all those grieving after Carolyn’s passing.

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