Poem – The King and His Wife

This is Part 14 of Esther Hyams' series of poems on the life of Anne Boleyn.

anne boleyn ludlowThe King’s Wife

King Henry was so happy that his beloved Anne Boleyn had so impressed At Calais, Henry stayed in the Exchequer building with the Lady Marquess. Their lodgings were hung with illustrious tapestries and holly green velvet Next would occur a mysterious moment of history, that none could forget. It is believed that perhaps here in the autumn of 1532, after nearly six years The King of England and The Lady Marquess Anne Boleyn released of fears. In this luxurious room many believe that Henry and Anne made love Was it a success? Did the earth move and the heavens sing from above? Anne was more than another Bessie Blount, a King’s worthless whim Did Anne Boleyn on that night, lose her long prized virginity to him? The full truth of this can of course never be known for sure But it is likely that Anne finally became Henry’s lover, beyond that door. What is known, is that, by the beginning of December Anne was with child She was a pregnant woman who by January 1533 hoped as such, with fears mild. But an illegitimate child, another Henry Fitzroy, would bring only confusing strife So there was much rush, as soon as possible Anne must be made the Kings wife. A quick discreet wedding must be arranged, with much delicacy and care For inside Anne Boleyn might be a long awaited son and England’s heir. After all this time, after all the fears, tears, anger and impatience that had been cast On about St Paul’s Day: 25th January 1533, King Henry and Anne were married at last. By Esther Hyams Click here to read the next poem, "Revelations".
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