This is Part 23 in Esther Hyams’ series of poems telling the life story of Anne Boleyn

The end of Fisher and More

Saint John Fisher
Saint John Fisher

Soon would be the arrest of Bishop Fisher and Thomas More
That man who from a small prince, Henry had so adored.

The man who had written, “Utopia”, whom Henry idolised
The man who many years after his death, would be canonised.

But Thomas More had put God above the King and his own life
No doubt secretly loathing and detesting the King’s new wife.

The Pope making Fisher a cardinal put Henry in such a rage
In 1535, Fisher and More would suffer more than this cage.

Bishop Fisher, (now a cardinal) was executed on 22nd June, 1535
No more would this cardinal, soon saint, be any longer alive.

And after a year in the Tower, the King of England’s valued friend
Thomas More, who had such faith, would meet a fatal, bloody end.

The 6th July, 1535, was a day that Henry would come to abhor
For on this date was the execution and death of Thomas More.

By Esther Hyams

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