This is Part 21 in Esther Hyams’ series of poetry telling the life story of Anne Boleyn.

A.R. “The Most Happy” – 1534

Anne Boleyn CrestAnne was a great queen consort and music was her love
She loved to sing like an angel from the heavens above.

She had music books with 39 Latin motets and French chansons
Music that lightens dark days like an everlasting sun.

These may have been from Mark Smeaton, as courtly gifts
A deft dancer and musician who could make her spirit lift.

Exactly the company that the artistic queen enjoyed
Music was in the queen’s chamber as dancing was employed.

Wearing evocative jewellery and magnificent queenly robes
Spiting those who were her foes, who criticised and probed.

Queen Anne’s favourite jewels were the ‘H’ and ‘A’ entwined
Like the two hearts of the King and new Queen combined.

She loved literature, playing a great role as England’s queen
In charity and helping the poor and unfortunate she was keen.

Anne was a strict supervisor of the morals of her household
No swearing or a court ‘inviolate’, or ungracefully bold.

Queen Anne was a great patron and kept religious reform alive
For a religious radical became the Bishop of Salisbury in 1535.

Her love of spiritual reading, of the English Bible would proceed
An English Bible was kept in her chamber that her ladies could read.

Anne was strong and feisty; some call a woman ahead of her time
So different from others, with a wit and intelligence so divine.

By Esther Hyams

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