Professor Eric Ives Confirmed for Anne Boleyn Experience 2012

Anne Boleyn Experience Tour
Eric Ives with The Anne Boleyn Experience 2011 group

I’ve just received confirmation from Professor Eric Ives that he can speak on our September 2012 Anne Boleyn Experience Tour! Yay!

Eric has spoken on our tours twice now and has thoroughly enjoyed meeting tour attendees and talking about Anne Boleyn. In July he stopped his talk and apologised for the length of it and when we said we were happy listening for as long as he could speak he commented, “I can talk about Anne until the cows come home, so please stop me when you’ve had enough!” Could we ever have enough of Eric Ives talking about Anne Boleyn? I don’t think so! You will also have the chance to ask Eric those burning questions and to get your book signed.

I’m so glad that Eric can make it as I believe there is no-one better to talk on Anne Boleyn. I refer to his biography of her as my “Anne Boleyn Bible” and get very stressed if it gets moved off my desk! If you haven’t read it then make sure you get hold of a copy, it is huge and covers every aspect of her life and reign.

Other Anne Boleyn Experience Tour highlights include:-

  • Staying at Hever Castle – A magical experience in itself!
  • Visiting Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London, as well as Hever.
  • Meeting others who want to ‘talk Tudor’ – It really is wonderful to not have people’s eyes glazing over when you talk about Anne Boleyn!
  • Meeting Robert Parry, author of “Virgin and the Crab” and “The Arrow Chest”, two of my favourite historical novels.
  • Eating in the main castle dining room surrounded by tapestries and paintings.
  • Hearing Bess Chilver speak on Tudor costume.

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11 thoughts on “Professor Eric Ives Confirmed for Anne Boleyn Experience 2012”
  1. Really exciting news, especially for the lucky people who will atend the tour!

    Professor Eric Ives is a legend, I am green with envy that some of you will meet him!! 😉 I hope in the future I will be able to attend one of the tours, too!

  2. Now I really want a fairy godmother. Eric Ives would be fascinating to meet. I would have him autograph my copy of his AB book.

  3. It is tempting to take off a semester of home-schooling my kids and stick them in public school, and eat beans and rice for the rest of the year to be able to afford this. Eric Ives is the final authority on Anne until someone unearths her own personal diary and she can speak for herself in her own words! I hate to think I will probably go to my grave having never shared a cup of tea and an afternoon conversing with this gentleman about the woman we both love and respect.

    1. Beans and rice are quite nice lol! I hope you do get to meet him one day. In July Eric’s talk was the night that we ate in the castle dining room so we put him at the head of the long table! He then spoke to us in the inner hall of the castle and it was amazing. He is a great historians and a wonderful man, he coped with our grilling very well!!

  4. *sigh* I wish I could attend… I would love to be able to talk with others about the Tudors and the like… I’ll live vicariously through photos and articles again.. 🙂

  5. I would love to go on this tour in 2012. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about Anne Boleyn since I was 10. But alas this tour is in Sept. and I am only home in Ireland during the summer months. I am so disappointed!!! But I wish you all a wonderful experience and look forward to hearing all about it.

  6. hey there!
    I’m a student from Germany and I’m very interested in the Tudor period.
    could somebody please tell me how to get into e-mail contact with Eric Ives because I started researching about Anne Boleyn with a high diligence and volunteered to give a lecture on the life of Anne Boleyn.there are core questions I have to shine a light on.
    this lecture is really important for me as it is a big part of my final examination at my academic high if anybody can help me with any adresses(particularly the mail adresses of historians like Eric Ives) I’d be very gratefull 🙂

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