As you know, I’m doing daily “on this day in Tudor history” videos for the Anne Boleyn & Tudor Society YouTube channel based on research I did for my book, On This Day in Tudor History. Today, 22nd June, has two Boleyn-related events, so I thought I’d share them with you here.

On this day in 1509, during the celebrations for Henry VIII’s forthcoming joint coronation with Catherine of Aragon, Thomas Boleyn was rewarded for his loyal service to the king’s recently deceased father, King Henry VII, by being made a Knight of the Bath.

Find out more about Thomas Boleyn’s rise at the court of Henry VII, and how he was a royal favourite long before his daughters became involved with Henry VIII in this video:

Also on this day in Tudor history, 22nd June 1528, Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn, was widowed when her first husband, William Carey, died during the Sweating Sickness epidemic of 1528. His death had a major impact on Mary’s situation and you can find out more in this video:

And here are the videos I mention:

May 30 – Knights of the Bath for Anne Boleyn’s coronation:

Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn:

March 12 – The death of Thomas Boleyn, father of Anne Boleyn:

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